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KeyForge Returns With New Two-Player Starter Set


KeyForge is actually coming back to the tabletop in August. After hitting the tabletop world by storm in 2018 and then falling apart in 2021, the game is back under the guidance of Ghost Galaxy who are going to be getting folks back into this Unique Card Game with a new Two-Player Starter Set.

Historical & Fantasy Armies Made Easy With Fireforge; Ace For Kings Of War Wargaming? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Building a Kings Of War army? Why not have a look at the Historical & Fantasy armies from FireForge games that could make it easy to get wargaming with some ace-looking 28mm miniatures?

KeyForge: Winds Of Exchange Gamefound Campaign Launches!


Ghost Galaxy Games has now launched their Gamefound campaign to bring the Unique Card Game KeyForge back to the tabletop. Winds Of Exchange introduces a new set of cards into the mix for veteran players of KeyForge and also a new opportunity for those who haven't had a chance to dive in yet!

Keyforge’s Tabletop Return Set For Gamefound In September


If you were keen on dipping back intoKeyforge, the title will be making a return with a new expansion, Keyforge: Winds of Exchange over on Gamefound. 

KeyForge Returns! Ghost Galaxy Acquires The Unique Deck Game


KeyForge, the Unique Deck game from acclaimed designer Richard Garfield landed some years ago now with an explosive release. 2018 saw the game's full release and I was playing it, pretty much all of my local store was playing it, and it seemed everyone was giving it a shot.

FFG’s KeyForge Takes A Hiatus But New Set Coming!


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that KeyForge, their unique card game, is taking a hiatus. Both the pandemic and an unfortunate problem with a broken algorithm have forced the game to take a break but it will be returning in the future.

Fantasy Flight Games’ June Releases Are Now Available


Fantasy Flight Games have got their hands in a lot of pies. When it comes to board and card game players, usually, one of their favourite games belongs to Fantasy Flight Games. My own is Lord of the Rings LCG, and I quite enjoy Arkham Horror and Keyforge too. 

KeyForge: Dark Tidings Nautical Decks Now Available


After a release date plotted back and fourth, delays and uncertainties of the product - Fantasy Flight Games have finally announced the newest deck of cards are ready to join the rest of the Keyforge variants. Dark Tidings is available now adding new remixes and combinations of cards in the new oceanic take.

Master The Oceanic Abyss With Keyforge’s Dark Tidings


Fantasy Flight Games have now released the newest set of cards for the unique deck game Keyforge. With this new release, there are now even more remixes and combinations of cards added with the Dark Tidings set, the fifth set of Archon Decks. 

Weekender: NEW Warhammer 40K Starter Sets; The Best Yet? + BIG Star Wars, Marvel Miniatures News!


We're checking out some Fantasy Football teams and more from Greebo Games PLUS a whole bunch of fantastic new miniatures for Star Wars, Marvel and Warhammer 40K fans too.

Catch Up On The FFG In-Flight Report; Star Wars, Marvel & More


Last night, Fantasy Flight Games held their In-Flight Report which was a rundown of all of the new products they have coming up over the next few months and into 2021.

Weekender: WIN Two-Player Mythos Bundle + Infinity CodeOne, All You Need To Know!


Today on The Weekender! We discuss everything you need to know about Infinity CodeOne from Corvus Belli, check out the quirky range from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and explore The Defence Of Procyon III on Kickstarter!

Fantasy Flight Games Craft FREE Print & Play KeyForge Decks


Fantasy Flight Games has done their bit for those stuck in isolation as they made FOUR full KeyForge decks available as FREE downloads.

Mass Mutation Floods Into The Card Game World Of KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the newest set of cards for the world of KeyForge. Billions upon billions more combinations have entered the fray as they look towards the new Mass Mutation set.

Aconyte Set Forth To Tell Tales From KeyForge’s Crucible


Aconyte Books have detailed more about their next book for 2020 which will start to delve deeper into the worlds created by Asmodee & Fantasy Flight Games.

Worlds Collide As New KeyForge Decks & Factions Arrive


Things are hotting up as part of the Unique Card Game, KeyForge, which is seeing another expansion from the folks at Fantasy Flight Games.

[Updated] Gen Con 2019 Spotlight! All The Big News In One Place!


Come and catch up with all of the big news from Gen Con all in one place and let us know if we've missed anything so we can add it to the list!

Two New Houses Join Fantasy Flight’s World Of KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off more from another of their card game worlds. This time around Worlds Collide as KeyForge welcomes two new Houses into the mix. 

Fantasy Flight Reveal New Store Championship KeyForge Kit


Fantasy Flight Games has shown off their newest Store Championship KeyForge kit which will be playable very soon at your friendly local gaming venue. 

Fantasy Flight Update The Rules Of KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games have released an updated version of the KeyForge rulebook to download.

Untamed & Shadow Teasers For Fantasy Flight’s KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games' new expansion for KeyForge is just around the corner, Age Of Ascension. With that, we got a neat look at some new Untamed and Shadow cards.

What’s In The Cards For KeyForge’s Logos And Mars?


Fantasy Flight Games are gearing up for the release of Age of Ascension, the second set for their unique card game KeyForge. Now, they have peaked inside the cards to take a look at what is coming for House Mars and House Logos.

New KeyForge Mat Designs Set The Scene For Aember Altercations


Fantasy Flight Games has designed nine new KeyForge Playmats for you to use when battling for Aember and the opening of vaults.

Organised Play At UK Games Expo 2019


UK Games Expo is only a couple of months away so let's get the scoop from two of the organisers about the tournaments and casual play you can expect to see.

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?


We're chatting with Needy Cat Games today about their upcoming Newbury & Hobbes board game project and much more!

Community Spotlight: Ultramarines, HeroQuest Foes & KeyForge Travellers!


Come and join us for another look into what you've been doing in our project section with some great painting and designing!

Fantasy Flight Games Announce KeyForge: Age Of Ascension


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next set of cards for KeyForge. Welcome to the Age Of Ascension as the Crucible opens up to new opportunities.

Event Tickets Go Live For UKGE


UK Games Expo, the largest hobby games convention in the United Kingdom, is going live with tickets for the various events that will be running at it this year.

Hexy Head To The Crucible With New KeyForge Token Designs


Hexy is looking to get you prepped for a clash in the crucible during your games of KeyForge with a set of tokens for Fantasy Flight Games' Unique Card Game. 

LITKO Get Snazzy With Tokens For Gaslands & KeyForge


LITKO work on some awesome gaming accessories and their latest venture has been to create some new tokens for use in both KeyForge and Gaslands. 

Bandua Wargames Craft Alternative Tokens For KeyForge


Bandua Wargames has been working away on a range of KeyForge tokens for you to use when accessorising the unique card game from Fantasy Flight.

Weekender: Win A Carnevale Starter Set & Space Hulk Hobby Deadline Looms


We're delving into the amazing world of Carnevale today and discussing more from the tabletop world too.

Team Covenant Craft Unique Archon Token Sets For KeyForge Gamers


Team Covenant has been working away on some rather splendid looking tokens for those playing KeyForge.

Battle For The Crucible With New KeyForge Mats By FFG


Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new range of Playmats for you to pick up for your games of KeyForge.

Weekender XLBS: Can Tabletop Games Make Us Feel?


We're discussing some of our hobby projects from the week PLUS getting stuck into how some tabletop games can really tug at the heartstrings.

Keyforge Release Master Vault Companion App


Join the Dawn of Discovery and explore the Crucible like never before with the new Master Vault Keyforge app release from Fantasy Flight Games.

Let’s Play: Keyforge


Learn how to play the newest unique card game from Richard Garfield, designer of Magic the Gathering, and then watch our blind playthrough with two new decks!

FFG’s KeyForge Gets November 15th Release Date


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the date that launch parties will kick off for their new and frankly insane card game, KeyForge. November 15th will be the date when you'll be able to get your hands on it at your local stores.

FFG Detail Upcoming Preview Events For KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games has been talking about upcoming preview events for KeyForge that will be running around Europe throughout October and November.

Weekender XLBS: Can We Banish The Meta From Wargaming?


We share some quirky new ways to role-play AND ask whether or not we can banish the meta from wargaming?

Designer Richard Garfield Opens Up About KeyForge Ahead Of Release


If you haven't been geeking out over Keyforge, then you haven't been paying attention, as this Unique Deck Game generates yet more hype ahead of its release.

FFG Update KeyForge Rulebook With Bundles Of Background


You can currently download both the Quick Start Rules and Full Rulebook for KeyForge.

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