KeyForge: Winds Of Exchange Gamefound Campaign Launches!

September 13, 2022 by brennon

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Ghost Galaxy Games has now launched their Gamefound campaign to bring the Unique Card Game KeyForge back to the tabletop. Winds Of Exchange introduces a new set of cards into the mix for veteran players of KeyForge and also a new opportunity for those who haven't had a chance to dive in yet!

Winds Of Exchange On Gamefound - KeyForge

Winds Of Exchange - Gamefound Project // KeyForge

If you've never heard of KeyForge before, you're in for a treat. KeyForge is a game which was designed by a complex computer algorithm which allowed every deck to be unique. This meant that the challenge of the game was picking up a deck, learning its strengths and weaknesses and trying to win with it! What also helped with the popularity of the game was that it is insanely simple to play and the fact that decks were already pre-constructed meant that the barrier to entry was low.

How To Win - KeyForge

How To Win // KeyForge

The combination of different factions, characters, tactics and some stunning artwork meant that KeyForge was pretty much up there (at least in my opinion) with some of the great card games. It was somewhat unfortunate then that the algorithm broke a few years ago and, combined with the pandemic, the game shuffled off into a little bit of obscurity.

The Game Turn - KeyForge

The Game Turn // KeyForge

Well, Ghost Galaxy jumped into the breach and has brought together a new team to rebuild the program and algorithm that crafted decks. You might also be asking, why a Gamefound campaign? Because of the nature of the game and its unique origins and its time away from the spotlight, Ghost Galaxy wants to raise funds to really invigorate the project and get a sense of how many people are actually excited to see KeyForge back on the tabletop.

Let's Play: KeyForge // Ghost Galaxy

Make sure to check out the video (above) as well as the neat infographics from the team behind the campaign to get a sense of what the game is all about!

What's New With KeyForge: Winds Of Exchange?

When it comes to the campaign and what's new for Winds Of Exchange, the big thing is a new House. The new decks come with cards both old and new for the Houses Brobnar, Mars, Unfathomable, Sanctum, Saurian, and Star Alliance. But, you will also find cards representing the quirky Ekwidon.

Ekiwidon Faction - KeyForge

Ekiwidon House // KeyForge

As you might have guessed by the idea of exchange and trade in the title of the expansion, the Ekwidon bring that to the tabletop in spades. Utilising their ability to trade and tinker, they are able to win the upper hand but at the cost of Æmber. You'll have to wheel and deal in order to get out on top and win your games.

Additionally, the new expansion comes with the new Token Creatures cards.

Token Creatures - KeyForge

Token Creatures // KeyForge

Token Creatures are represented by the back of your cards and count as multiples of the appropriate card that you put into play. So, you might be quite lucky and find that you've got a whole host of Token Creatures that you can use to flood the tabletop and overwhelm your opponent! The Blorb looks particularly impressive as a creature that can just keep on coming back!

As well as the new card packs and starter options for newcomers to KeyForge, the Winds Of Exchange campaign is also offering up lots of bonus extras. You can get Game Mats, Plush Toys, extra packs of cards and more.

Are you going to be restarting your KeyForge collection and diving in with Winds Of Exchange?

"Are you going to be restarting your KeyForge collection and diving in with Winds Of Exchange?"

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