Forge World’s Big Brutes Stomp Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch

May 7, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has been showing off a few big brutes coming to the tabletop soon for Blood Bowl. We start things off with a twisted and angry looking Treeman, Deeproot Strongbranch.

Bloodbowl Strongbranch - Forge World

I really like what they've attempted to go with here but I still think that the model might be a little too busy? I do like the idea that Deeproot Strongbranch has almost absorbed everything he can in order to try and defend himself some angry little creatures.

However, I think the painting here might not be exactly how I would have approached it. I think I would have created a little more contrast between the additional gubbins and the body of Strongbranch himself.

Twisted Brutes

As well as Strongbranch above there's also this preview for the Mutated Minotaur coming to the world of Blood Bowl.

Bloodbowl Mutated Minotaur - Forge World

This fellow has been warped to become a more deadly foe for your opponent to face on the Blood Bowl pitch. As well as those curled horns you also have those snapping claws to try and deal with!

I'm fairly sure that this chap has a name but I can't find it for love nor money online! Still, I really like the look although the claw on the left looks a little soft on the detail.

What do you make of these two big guys?

"We start things off with a twisted and angry looking Treeman, Deeproot Strongbranch..."

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