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WizKids Unleash Their Unpainted Kraken On D&D Tabletops


WizKids has released a pretty big monster onto the scene that we'd not seen until today. Check out this Unpainted Kraken which could be the next fearsome foe your heroes face.

Classic Three-Dragon Ante Returns With WizKids Legendary Edition


WizKids are bringing the classic Dungeons & Dragons game, Three-Dragon Ante, back to the tabletop with a new Legendary Edition

[Updated] Gen Con 2019 Spotlight! All The Big News In One Place!


Come and catch up with all of the big news from Gen Con all in one place and let us know if we've missed anything so we can add it to the list!

WizKids Working On New Transformers Miniatures!


WizKids is going to be expanding upon their range of Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures with the introduction of the Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons. 

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Showcase your projects by linking them into the comments within!

Unearth Ravnica’s Conspiracies In Magic Social Deduction Game


WizKids have a new social deduction game set in the world of Magic: The Gathering and now Ravnica Inquisition is seeing its North American release. 

Create Civilization From Chaos In Age Of Dirt


It's the dawn of civilization, but it's a long way from being civil!

WizKids Delve into Waterdeep With New Board Game And Dice Masters


Of all the various locations you might explore in Dungeons & Dragons, few are as evocative as Waterdeep. Now, WizKids are setting out to explore this setting further with a new board game and a trilogy of sets for Dungeons and Dragons: Dice Masters.

Become King Of The Sea In WizKids’ Flotilla


WizKids has announced another new strategy game for you to get your teeth into. Flotilla is on the horizon and has you surviving out on the high seas in a post-apocalyptic world. 

WizKids Team Up With Vallejo For New Paint Range


WizKids has teamed up with Vallejo to provide a new paint range which will complement their Unpainted Miniatures line-up.

Renegade Develop WizKids’ Wardlings World For 5th Edition


Renegade Game Studios are going to be working with WizKids to develop a supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that builds on their Wardlings line of miniature heroes.

Evade Creepy Kids In Japanese Horror Game Hako Onna


The scary men arrived. My father, in a panic, pushed me down into a way-too-small box. I heard my bones snap, but dared not scream. I heard angry voices…then nothing.

WizKids & Hasbro Announce New Miniatures Range


WizKids have announced an enhanced licensing deal with Hasbro which will enable several IP franchises to come to the tabletop as miniatures.

WizKids Resurrect Warhammer 40,000: Relic Board Game


Back in 2013, Fantasy Flight Games produced John Goodenough's Warhammer 40,000 board game Relic. However, when the licencing rights were lost to Games Workshop the popular game based on the Talisman game system fell out of publication.

Capture Chimeras In Merlin’s Beast Hunt From WizKids


Most know of the tournaments of knights hosted by Arthur, but only a few know of Merlin’s Beast Hunt tournament!

WizKids Conquer Moons In Europa Base Alpha


In this game from WizKids, you're looking to control the moon by establishing the most effective base upon its surface.

Control Cruel Seas In Nemo Rising: Robor The Conqueror


The sea is everything.

WizKids Fill D&D Dungeons Of The Mad Mage With Minis


WizKids have a new set of D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures, letting you fill up the game board to explore Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

WizKids Drop Details On Age of Sigmar: The Rise & Fall Of Anvalor


WizKids has been dropping some more details about their upcoming Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: The Rise & Fall of Anvalor. 

Community Spotlight: Glowing Creepy Crawlies, Anime Warriors & Big Bones


We're back with a look at some of the brilliant work being done in our community project system today!

WizKids Add New Adventures & Monsters To Pathfinder Deep Cuts Collection


WizKids yesterday announced some new releases for their Dungeons & Dragons range. Well, today we also saw them show off some of the releases for the Pathfinder Deep Cuts collection too. 

Crush Your Foes As Mighty Monsters In WizKids’ Smash City


WizKids is getting into the monster-smashing tabletop mayhem of Smash City later this year.

WizKids Announce New Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Releases


WizKids have released images for their new releases of Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures.

Conquer Civilizations In Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition


It is time for those who are brave of heart and strong in power to rise up and conquer their world as a Mage Knight in this Ultimate Edition game release from designer Vlaada Chvátil and WizKids.

Trick-Take The Throne In Thrown


Armies collide. Might, manipulation, and just a little luck will ultimately decide who takes the throne!

Design Divine Pyramids In K’uh Nah From WizKids


K’uh Nah means divine house in Mayan, and in this quick, push-your-luck game from WizKids, players must try to make the most beautiful, well-shaped pyramid possible, and make their 'house' the most divine!

Flick Your Fleet In Star Trek: Conflick In The Neutral Zone


An incursion into the Romulan Neutral Zone is considered an act of hostility by all parties. However, along the one light year area buffer, there have been sightings of resource-rich planets, and now both the Klingon Empire and the Federation are out to profit from their existence.  

WizKids Announce Age Of Sigmar: The Rise & Fall Of Anvalor Board Game


Many previous attempts to build a lasting fortification at Anvalor have failed.

Wicked Wanderlust: Horrifying Haunts For Halloween Gaming


Cass takes us through five ultra-spooky places that would be just perfect to match up with a range of horror-themed boardgames, just in time for Halloween!

Raise Your Steel Once More In Kodachi


In 12th-century Japan, you rested after the Gempei War. You retired your ninjato sword and pursued a life of peace.

WizKids Announce New D&D Waterdeep Board Game


Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Board Game is based on the Dungeon & Dragons adventure book of the same name, where players enter Skullport in the Undermountain to battle the evil Wizard Halaster Blackcloak.

WizKids & WWE; Can You Smell What They’re Cooking?


WizKids announced that they are joining forces with the WWE to produces a range of licenced products based around both HeroClix and Dice Masters. 

Test Loyalties In Chiyo’s Secrets From WizKids In 2019


Keep an eye on WizKids next year as they might be about to stab you in the back. Take a peek at Chiyo's Secret which will be coming out next year.

WizKids Drop A New Wave Of Unpainted RPG Miniatures Next Week


WizKids, working alongside Wizards Of The Coast and Paizo, has created a new wave of Unpainted Miniatures for both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. 

Ruin Friendships & Serve Darkness With Doppelgänger From WizKids


Whip out your Doppelgänger at the office party and undo years of teambuilding work.

Let’s Play: D&D Tomb Of Annihilation Board Game


Join us as we delve into the jungles of Chult in the Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Board Game from WizKids.

Twist Your Tentacles in A’Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions


Are you a weirdly bendy occultist, looking to summon deities and build core strength?

A New Wave Of Role-Playing Wardlings Now Available From WizKids


WizKids has expanded upon their Wardlings range of characters with a new wave!

WizKids Prepare A Mighty Sailing Ship For Your D&D Adventures


WizKids is going all out when it comes to their pre-painted miniatures collection for Dungeons & Dragons. One of their latest miniatures is the hefty Falling Star Sailing Ship which is up for pre-order now with a release date of January 2019. 

WizKids Is Bringing In The SEALs With Seal Team Flix


Wizkids has come out with a new boardgame with an interesting game mechanic to put your SEALs in the action.

WizKids Give Form To Magic: The Gathering’s Creature


This September, WizKids will be releasing a new range of models called Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Storm, turning the game's iconic tokens into miniatures. 

WizKids Add A Fistful Of Monsters To Rock Paper Wizards Card Game


WizKids is expanding on the surprisingly fun Rock Paper Wizards card game with a new set called Fistful Of Monsters.

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