Monsters, NPCs & Characters In New Critical Role Miniatures Sets

August 19, 2021 by fcostin

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Painting miniatures can take quite a while, getting the detail I want to achieve through the mind of myself as a perfectionist can be quite tedious. Therefore I can understand the sentiment that some tabletop gamers do not want to spend so much time, investing in painting their miniatures - they just want to game with their friends!

Wraithroot Tree // Critical Role: Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Set 2

For those tabletop gamers who enjoy some fresh-out-the-box pre-painted miniatures, WizKids has begun to adventure over to Tal'Dorei with brand new and upcoming Critical Role Miniatures. Whether you are looking for a beastly elemental of a mischievous NPC, there is plenty to pick from with the upcoming sets.

There are seven new products coming to FLGS stores and online, including sets and premium figures to bolster up your tabletop.

Cinderslag Elemental // Critical Role: Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Set 1

The Monsters of Tal'Dorei Set 1 and 2 provide a vast range of Monsters to fight, take down and add to your campaigns. With Set 1 including a Deepkeeper, Cinderslag Elemental, Cobalt Golem, Magma Landshark, Miskath Gorgon, Platinum Golem, Vos’sykriss Serpentfolk, Vos’sykriss Serpentfolk Ghost (2 unique poses), and Set 2 with an Adranach, Centaur Skeleton, Centaur Skeleton with Head, Cold Snap Spirit, Cyclops Stormcaller, Demonfeed Spider, Ettin, Flaming Skeleton, Satyr and Wraithroot Tree. It is safe to say if you want to look at buying monsters tabletop ready in bulk at $59.99 per set.

Kraghammer Goat-Knight // Critical Role: Characters of Tal'Dorei - Set 1

Along with the release of a ton of monsters, you can get hold of the main characters for your campaigns too. If you want to expand the world of Tal'Dorei, a set of nine models including the likes of Fighter, Rogue and a very grumpy Chewbacca-looking steed.

Three sets sure sound like a lot of releases, but there are two more available to pre-order now if you are looking at gaining some NPCs for your campaign, the set for the Tal’Dorei and Exandria are up and ready too.

If you are not exactly keen on looking at full sets, there are two premium figures as part of November's release.

Critical Role - Image Four

Critical Role: Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Ember Roc Premium Figure // WizKids

The release of the Ember Roc Premium figure brings a stunning Phoenix-like flaming bird into the mix. This mammoth figure can work as not only an ally as part of your campaign but as a fierce foe too.

Critical Role - Image Five

Critical Role Premium Figure: Dieter // WizKids

I don't think I have ever needed a hybrid dragon turtle as much as I do at this particular minute. The Dieter is a rare being who resides deeply under the dark waters. With its snapping-turtle looking design, being stuck within the clutches of this beast would certainly be chaos! However, players could also incorporate this behemoth into an adventure of guardians. Imagine this absolute unit looking over your friendlies.

All sets and models are available to pre-order over at the WizKids website or check in with your FLGS. The official release date for these products is November 2021, just in time for some festive-themed campaigns.

For more information and images on the upcoming products, be sure to check out the pre-order page on the WizKids website.

In what campaign would you use the Snapping Dragon Turtle (AKA Dieter)?

"There are seven new products coming to FLGS stores and online, including sets and premium figures to bolster up your tabletop..."

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