Para Bellum’s New Army! Pre-Order The City States Of Conquest

January 17, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum's newest army for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings is now available to pre-order. You can battle as the mighty City States who are a fascinating army crafted using inspiration from historical and mythological elements from our own world.

City States Trailer // Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

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You can check out the trailer above which features a neat look at some of the backstory around the City States. If you want to know more, you can delve into The Lore Of Conquest and see (soon) how they fold into the larger world of Ea.

When it comes to miniatures, Para Bellum has launched a whole host of characters, core troops and monsters that will be useful when building up your new army. Starting with characters, you can choose from the mighty Polemarch...

Polemarch - Conquest

Polemarch // Conquest

...or perhaps the more stoic Aristrarch. I think of the two, my favourite is the Aristrarch. I love all of the detail that has been worked into their arms and armour.

Aristrarch - Conquest

Aristrarch // Conquest

Both of these characters can then lead some of the highly trained troops of the City States who are not to be downtrodden. With the world descending into chaos, the City States are marching to war in all of their panoply and woe betide anyone who stands in their way.

Hoplites - Conquest

Hoplites // Conquest

I love that there is this awesome Ancient Greek Fantasy vibe going on with the City States but then you've also got this magical engineering angle as well. You can see it in the snapshot above where one of the Hoplites has a metal arm!

As well as the citizenry raised from their homes to do battle for the City States, you can also call on the veteran abilities of the Phalangites who are preparing to stand in large phalanx formations.

Phalangites - Conquest

Phalangites // Conquest

If you'd like to smash your way through the enemy ranks with ease then you can also pick up some seriously angry Minotaurs. There are two types for you to choose from in this dual kit with the likes of the Haspists and the Thyreans.

Minotaur Haspists - Conquest

Minotaur Haspists // Conquest

Minotaur Thyreans - Conquest

Minotaur Thyreans // Conquest

This properly ticks off more of the Ancient Greek vibes. Could this possibly be the best-looking army for Conquest right now? I think things are certainly going to get more and more impressive as the range expands.

New Two-Player Starter Set

The last big update, at least for the City States, is that they're going to be getting a new Two-Player Starter Set alongside the Nords. This might be a great way for you and a friend to get stuck into playing Conquest in different flavours.

Nords Vs The City States - Conquest

Nords Vs The City States // Conquest

This gives you two good armies to start playing Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and it comes with two exclusive miniatures. There are awesome characters for both the Nords and City States in this set that can lead the way as alternative miniatures.

All of these sets are now available for you to pre-order, offering up a way to get started with a brand new Conquest faction. Even if you're not going to be diving in with the full wargame, this is going to be an excellent way to start playing their skirmish wargame, First Blood.

Are you tempted by these new miniatures?

"Could this possibly be the best-looking army for Conquest right now?"

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