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New Doomsong RPG! What Makes This New TTRPG Worth Diving Into? | In-Depth Designer Interview

5 months ago 3

Gerry sits down for a designer interview with the team behind the awesome new roleplay macabre, Doomsong!

TerrainFest 2023 Begins! Spend A Month Building Terrain With OnTableTop & Win A Prize!

5 months ago 25

Join us for a month of wargame terrain-building fun! TerrainFest 2023 is going to be your chance to make those gaming tables of yours that little more impressive. We're hoping that by the end of the month, you won't be playing with shoebox houses and books stuffed under gaming mats!

Face The Mighty Archipelagon In Privateer’s Monsterpocalypse!


Privateer Press might have been doing a lot of Warmachine of late but that hasn't meant that Monsterpocalypse has completely fallen by the wayside. You can pick up the mighty Archipelagon for use with your Tritons!

Unleash Bad Squiddo Games’ New Ghouls On Your Wargames


Annie from Bad Squiddo Games has teamed up with the master of Ghouls, Paul Muller, to produce a range of awesome 28mm Ghouls for you to use in all manner of wargames. What a perfectly timed project for the Halloween period!

A War Transformed: WWI On The Doggerland Front – First Impressions | Osprey Games

5 months ago 10

Ben gives his first thoughts and impressions on A War Transformed, the brand new Weird World War I wargame which is now available from Osprey Games. Is this game going to draw you in and sink it's monstrous claws into you?

Community Spotlight: Paladins, Witchfinders & 6mm American Civil War

5 months ago 2

In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at someone inpaitient for The Old World, a neat vignette of witchfinding goodness and some very small American Civil War armies.

The Ladies Of The Night Stalk The Streets In Carnevale


TTCombat has another new set available for you to pre-order this week for use in their 32mm skirmish game, Carnevale. This time, the Ladies Of The Night are on the warpath, stalking the streets with the power of Baba Yaga behind them!

New Dystopian Wars Two-Player Starter Set! Fortune And Glory Coming October

5 months ago 5

Warcradle Studios has announced a new Two-Player Starter Set coming to Dystopian Wars for the month of October! Fortune And Glory await as the Union clashes with the Sultanate in a new set that has been designed to get you started in this naval wargame. 

Battle In The Thunderdome With PWork Wargames’ New Mat


PWork Wargames have a brand new gaming mat for you to scoop up and use in a variety of different games. This one is very much focused on the Post-Apocalypse and your Sci-Fi scraps in the far future. See what you make of the Thunderdome design.

How To Give Your Wargames A Dose Of The Grimdark!

5 months ago 8

Ben talks about diving into the grimdark and how you can enjoy yourself with the hobbying and gaming side of things! Not only is there a lot of freedom to be had when it comes to painting but you can have a lot of fun when it comes to the types of scenarios you can play out.

Crooked Dice Head Back To The 80s With Next Kickstarter


Crooked Dice is planning to come back to Kickstarter with another Genre Guide for their awesome Pulp wargame, 7TV. This time around, the team are going to be heading back to the 80s and giving you some awesome ideas for action movie gameplay on the tabletop.

Set Sail With Doom Metal Swashbuckling RPG, PIRATE BORG


Played MORK BORG but want to get stuck into a bit more of a swashbuckling adventure? Well, Free League have now made the awesome PIRATE BORG available for you to snap up so you can battle against the salty undead denizens of Davy Jone's Locker!

Face Post-Apocalyptic Leapers With Anvil Industry’s Patreon!


Anvil Industry are on Patreon this month with an awesome range of digital miniatures for you to 3D Print at home. The focus this time around is on more of their Post-Apocalyptic range as your soldiers head deeper into the wasteland and find themselves coming up against all manner of mutated foes.

Meet The New Dino Whisperers Of The Drowned Earth!


The Drowned Earth is back on Kickstarter with a new project focused on some interesting characters and their dinosaur companions. The Clever Girl Kickstarter introduces Dino Whisperers for the different factions in this 32mm Post-Apocalyptic skirmish game.

Exclusive! The Silver Bayonet’s Next Expansion Revealed! | The Silver Bayonet Week


We sit down for an interview with Osprey Games' Phil Smith to discuss the development of The Silver Bayonet game range. As well as discussing the design of the original 28mm wargame, Carpathians and Canada, we also get a sneaky exclusive as Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet next expansion is revealed!

Campaign Finale! Battling The Dog-Head – The Silver Bayonet – Hard Mode | The Silver Bayonet Week


Our Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier mini-campaign reaches its climax! Gerry and Shay have braved Hard Mode and come to the third and final scenario of this solo and cooperative storyline. The Broken Watchtower awaits where treasures await and a deadly foe!

How To Paint The Silver Bayonet! Austrian Irregular Painting Tutorial | The Silver Bayonet Week


John shows off how to paint one of the 28mm Soldier miniatures that you can use to make your Units in Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet and The Carpathians - Castle Fier. Here, we're showing off how to bring together an awesome scheme for your Austrian Irregular via the collection by North Star Military Figures.

How To Paint The Silver Bayonet! Marcea Lupul Painting Tutorial | The Silver Bayonet Week


In this new painting tutorial, John shows you how to paint Marcea Lupul from The Silver Bayonet by Osprey Games. We'll show off how to paint up the big bad villain from The Carpathians: Castle Fier, the latest supplement for Joseph McCullough's Napoleonic Horror miniatures game.

Battling Flying Vampires On The Spine! The Silver Bayonet – Hard Mode | The Silver Bayonet Week


With the first scenario of Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier mini-campaign done, Gerry and Shay move on to the second part of The Broken Watchtower. In this scenario, we find the duo coming up against deadly Vrykolakas, a flock of flying vampires, as they make their way across The Spine!

Unboxing Carpathian – Castle Fier Monsters For The Silver Bayonet! | The Silver Bayonet Week


Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier, introduces a whole host of new monstrous foes for your Unit to come up against. Gerry unboxes and showcases some of these North Star Military Figures 28mm monster miniatures, inspired by Vampire folklore and the myths and legends of Eastern Europe.

Uncover Secrets Of Egypt & Folklore Of Canada! New Silver Bayonet Books | The Silver Bayonet Week


Gerry and Ben interview the designer of Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet, Joseph A. McCullough! We chat about the design of Carpathians - Castle Fier and why McCullough chose to explore this frontier of Eastern Europe PLUS, what awaits in the new Egypt - Shadow of the Sphinx expansion that is coming next year! 

Unboxing Austrian & Russian Soldier Reinforcements For The Silver Bayonet! | The Silver Bayonet Week


Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier features new Soldier miniatures that you can use to make your Unit. Gerry takes a look at North Start Military Figures' 28mm Austrian and Russian soldiers that you can use when battling against the horrors of Napoleonic Europe.

Cubicle 7 Look For Writers For The Laundry – Second Edition!


Cubicle 7 are looking for new writers to join their team and help bring The Laundry back to the tabletop. This is going to be the second edition of a Lovecraftian roleplaying game of extradimensional threats and lots and lots of paperwork.

Let’s Play The Silver Bayonet – Hard Mode! Can We Survive The Witch Woods? | The Silver Bayonet Week


We dive into the solo and cooperative campaign from Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians - Castle Fier! Gerry and Shay attempt The Broken Watchtower and begin with the first scenario of this three-part mini-campaign. In this first game, these plucky soldiers head down into The Witch Woods

Wargames Atlantic Start Previewing Plastic Quar Kit & More


Wargames Atlantic have been working with Zombiesmith in order to bring their strange and amazing Quar world to the tabletop with new plastic miniatures! There are some fascinating miniatures coming down the pipeline soon.

10 Tips For Building An Interesting & Engaging Wargaming Campaign!


How do you ensure that your campaign is not just a series of loosely connected battles but an engaging, memorable experience for everyone involved? We thought we'd have a look at some key ideas that seem foundational to making an excellent wargaming campaign.

Unleash Monstrous New Corpse Beasts Into Carnevale!


The corpses Carnevale are slinking out of the waters of the canal and stalking the streets of Venice! A new set, the Subaqueous Beasts, is now available to snap up this weekend from the folks at TTCombat.

They Grow Up So Fast Joins Tales From The Loop RPG Range


Free League Publishing has added a new supplement to their webstore for those playing Tales From The Loop. They Grow Up So Fast continues your adventures in this uncanny world with four new adventures.

Community Spotlight: Black Hawk Down, Armada Fleets & 7TV Meets Dracula


Take a peek at this week's Community Spotlight featuring a bit of Black Hawk Down, Armada and 7TV's Dracula. Some interesting projects that might be inspirational!

Community Spotlight: Gloomspite Gitz, BattleTech Terrain & Silver Bayonet Campaigns


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at some sneaky gitz for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, BIG BattleTech tables and The Silver Bayonet as a campaign!

Mayhem Comes To Kickstarter With Worms: The Board Game


Mantic Games is bringing the mayhem and madness of the Worms video game to the tabletop with a new board game! Worms: The Board Game, is available for you to back right now, packed with all the super weapons, crates, explosives and prods that you could want.

Let’s Play – Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest! 4-Player Game | Rebellion Unplugged


The OnTableTop team are joined by Duncan from Rebellion Unplugged to showcase their brand new adrenaline-fuelled board game of vehicular mayhem, Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest. In this video, we dive into a 4-player Let's Play where the chaos goes to another level entirely!

Osprey’s Folklore WWI Wargame, A War Transformed Coming Soon


Osprey Games is looking towards the release of a brand new game at the end of September. A War Transformed by Frederick Silburn-Slater and illustrated by Dimitris Martinos is a tabletop game where folklore and horror mesh with World War I on the Doggerland Front.

New Dystopian Wars Abydos Set Proves The Might Of The Sultanate!


Warcradle Studios have previewed the newest set of releases coming up for the month of September for Dystopian Wars! There are two new Battlefleet Sets for you to choose from for both the Sultanate and the Scandinavians alongside some bonus miniatures for the Union. 

Build A Wartorn 28mm Trench With Fickle Dice Games’ Kickstarter


Fickle Dice Games, the folks behind Gloom Trench 1926, are on Kickstarter right now with a project focused on creating an excellent 3D Printable Trench System which could be used for their Pulp-Horror wargame and more.

Unleash Your Rage With New Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rules!


You can now get your hands on the Core Rulebook for the eagerly anticipated return to the World Of Darkness and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Become one of the Garou, pick your Tribe and get ready to embrace your rage as you fight to save Gaia.

Survival Horror! Dive Into The New Resident Evil Board Game


Steamforged Games' Resident Evil: The Board Game is available to pre-order from their webstore right now, offering you a chance to dive into some cooperative survival horror on the tabletop. 

Grab Caesar Ink’s Doomsong RPG FREE 120+ Page Demo!


We talked a bit about the new roleplaying game coming out of Caesar Ink last week, Doomsong. This Biblical Apocalypse of a roleplaying game is coming to Kickstarter soon and right now, you can get your hands on a FREE 120+ Page Demo to get you started.

Race & Wreck With Rebellion’s JOYRIDE: Survival Of The Fastest


Rebellion Unplugged has hit Kickstarter with another awesome board game project that we've been quite taken by. Race and wreck your way to victory with their new game of vehicular mayhem, JOYRIDE: Survival Of The Fastest.

How To Play Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest! 2-Player Game | Rebellion Unplugged


Gerry and Shay are joined by Duncan from Rebellion Unplugged to showcase their brand new adrenaline-fuelled board game of vehicular mayhem, Joyride: Survival Of The Fastest. This is our 2-player game but Joyride can be played with up to 4 players! Don't forget to check out the game on Kickstarter.

Check Out Vehicles From Crooked Dice’s 7TV & MANTA Ray 5


Crooked Dice are now taking pre-orders for their MANTA Ray 5 Feature Pack that expands the options for your Pulp wargames using 7TV. I looked at some of the miniatures last week but now the pre-orders are live, I thought it would be neat to show off some of the vehicles Crooked Dice have thrown into the mix!

Have Your Say & Fill Out The Great Wargaming Survey 2023!


Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine have launched The Great Wargaming Survey 2023 which is looking to, once again, get the mood of the wargaming hobby and see how our habits have changed since 2022.

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