Weekender: Marvelous Mechanical Dice Towers & Own The Biggest Miniature In The World!

July 29, 2017 by lancorz

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Welcome to the Weekender, your weekly dosage of expertly medicated Tabletop News and what we've been up to this week at Beasts of War. Are you settled? Lets get stuck in!

Weekender: Marvelous Mechanical Dice Towers & Own The Biggest Miniature In The World!

Weekender Podcast Episode

Prize Winners Announced

During Infinity week we had a few prizes to give away, those include the Operation Ice Storm Two Player Starter Set & N3 Rulebook Set, which goes out to Haleysredcomet from BoW. An operation Red Veil Two Player starter Set & N3 Rulebook Set to Adam OPin from Youtube. Plus three copies of the Human Sphere N3 Rulebook Sets which go out to Michael Matthews from Youtube, Fred David from Facebook and Superfurrymaniac from BoW.

Congratulations to you guys, make sure to claim your prize here.

An Update To Rorke's Drift

Gerry has joined us in the studio this week to provide some historical accuracy since Ben's left us to our own devices. Although that's not the only thing Gerry's been working on, he's been tinkering away at an update to an old Rorke's Drift game that Justin, and Lloyd were also involved in. Cleaning up some rules, reducing British fire and improving Zulu's is only a small portion of what's to come.

In The News

  • Battleboards show off some fantastic Orc goodness in the form of custom created terrain, if you have some expendable income and fancy owning some prestine boards, these guys are the company for you!
  • Victoria Miniatures create new Fury Matilda Tanks, who would have thought adding some Sci Fi weapons to a tank would make it perfectly suitable for 40k?
  • Steamforged tag along the heated Smithing faction for Guild Ball.
  • Hobby Hoard introduce a Monthly subscription service for painting and updating your hobby time.

Terrain Made For Dice

We have had some amazing deliveries land in our doorstep a few weeks ago, these are the new Mechanical and portable Dice Towers from Black Thumb Creations. These inventive little dice towers are perfect for maintaining those rogue dice that like to roam the tabletop, plus with pull down levers and internal cogs, what's not to love about introducing something that's not completely stationary to your terrain and scenery.

What's New In Kickstarter?

Hand of Glory: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures rise to the top of our lists quickly with their custom miniatures with magnetic hands and arms. These custom designs are perfect for those gamers who love to delve deep into the dungeons and avoid fights but aim for the loot instead!

Dead Days: A Cooperative Zombie Survival Game, 99% of the world's population has fallen to a virus turning everyone into the undead flesh eating vermin. You play as the 1% who are immune to the virus and your sole obective? Survive...

Own the Biggest Miniature in the World!

Lastly in this show we have Dave from Hawk Wargames in the studio to discuss some updates and things happening in the world of Dropzone Commander, Dropfleet Commander, Gen Con 2017 and your chance to get your hands on the epic masterpiece that has been shown off at many events in the past... That's right, they're auctioning off the 3 Meter long Avenger!

Have a great Weekend Beasts!

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