Tools Of The Trade: Citadel Tools Review!

May 7, 2014 by crew

A short while ago Games Workshop released their latest version of the Citadel Tools that let’s be honest, many of us probably started out with or have owned at some point in time. With the latest release looming I was already having to replace my craft knife that was a cheaper non-branded one that I had been using for a little while and also my clippers had seen better days so it had come at the right time for me to consider giving the new kit a go.

Citadel Tools

So to start this off let’s look at the new packaging. For me this has been a much needed overhaul and from the looks of it, it appears as it Games Workshop are trying to set the stall out early suggesting that this is a quality product. The packaging is very smart and is a nice compact little box for the full set. From what I understand the full set may have been a limited release though the individual components that I will be reviewing are all in uniformed packaging. That being said the packaging doesn’t make the product but on seeing this set on a shelf I must admit it catches the eye.

On presentation alone I would score this a 5/5. The Citadel range needed a major update from a packaging point of view and mission accomplished with this.

Citadel Tools Within

The case that comes with the kit is nicely presented, as you can see here I have utilized some of the pockets to include some sealed bags which just include some Green Stuff and my spare blades for the knife. I have also added in my old files and still have plenty of room after including drill bits. The bag is quite basic but is nicely done as you would expect any kind of tool pouch. It rolls up and fastens securely keeping your tools together. For me the benefit of this is that I can throw it in to my backpack if I am going to be doing any work in local stores or if I am going away anywhere. That’s much better than having to lug my large tool box all over the place.

I cannot really find anything to fault the pouch on though I am yet to slot my glues in however I can’t see me having a problem fitting those in and if I cleared my old files I could easily include a few brushes to really give me a transportable Hobby pack. I’d score this 4/5 as I don’t think that the pouch can be purchased separately at this moment in time.

Mould Line Remover

Next up we have the Mould Line Remover. I’ll be honest the only difference here is that with the product being metal it has a bit more weight to it. Personally I like that as I prefer tools to feel a bit more solid and weighted in my hand. There isn’t anything wrong with this tool though other than adding weight it hasn’t really changed. They have updated it so that it matches the new set but realistically it’s the same as it always has been. I’m going to score this 3/5 not because it doesn’t do its job (as it does) but because it just does as it always has, no shiny bells or whistles and not that it needs it. Change for the sake of change rather than a necessary adjustment on this one. A worthy tool but doesn’t offer anything different to those already owned or available elsewhere.

Citadel Drill

Let’s have a look at the new Citadel Drill. Honestly it is very similar to how it has always been, a touch heavier now but the real change is the fact that it strips down and can hold two different sizes of drill bit now. This for me is a great little option giving a choice that I didn’t have before using the old Citadel product. It doesn’t seem much but it will make different gun barrels a lot easier and makes pinning a little firmer as you can use thicker wire on those larger models. The only drawback with it is that changing over your drill bit at first is quite stiff. I imagine this will get easier the more it’s done but at first it was a bit of a battle of wills to get the smaller sized drill bits in to the drill firmly. Once they are in though they are nice and secure.

I’d give this one 4/5. It looks nice, feels good and offers a bit more than previously offered. It feels a better quality to the hand and is a nod to those who use them regularly with the variation in drill bit.

Craft Knife

So now we get to the Craft Knife, think scaled down Stanley Knife with this one. If I am honest I am over the moon with this. The retractable blade and the ability to change over the blades when needed is a fantastic thing. My old knives were just cheap non-branded products and I’m not afraid to admit that some of the Forge World resin kits destroyed a blade and two lots of the section that held the blades to the knife so for me going to a quality product like this is great. The blades are very sharp and you get 5 new blades with the knife though there is no reason this can’t be re-sharpened to increase how long they will last. The draw back here though is that this can’t be ordered online. Whilst this is frustrating it is somewhat understandable with the rules and regulations in place.

One nice feature of the knife is that it is weighted to the bottom end so if you drop it or knock it off the side you aren’t going to damage the blade, your floor and most importantly yourself! It’s nice to see that this is considered as let’s face it we have all dropped tools before and cringed when you react to try and catch it with your hand or foot. I’m happy to give this one 5/5 as it offers more than the old one from a safety point of view and the blades being relatively easy to change over is great. The only thing to note is that you may need a pair of pliers when clipping the blades in as you don’t want to be clipping a blade in to place with just your fingertips as you’re asking for trouble.


Finally we have the new Clippers. These are a fantastic bit of kit and the spring mechanism feels much better on these and is inside the joint. With more weight and a pinpoint tip it makes clipping those hard to reach pieces much easier which when working with resin and its kin can be frustrating at the best of times. The blades are designed to shear the plastic now meaning that we fire less projectile plastic at friends and family who are unfortunate to be sitting in the close proximity. These feel great to use and should stand the test of time. 5/5 on these as the old ones were not bad but these have taken steps to reduce the scarring on models, increasing precision and try to stop us having to get the hoover out after we have put together a plastic kit. Another 5/5.

Overall, what do I think? I think they are very good for what they do though they are more expensive, but the quality is there. Don’t get me wrong and they certainly seem to be being marketed as a top quality product though there are plenty of options out there on the market if you know what you are after. I’d give the set 4/5 looking at the overall set. They are very good and to a higher quality than their predecessors. Are they worth the price tag that they have attached? I think that’s down to each individual. For me working with a lot of Forge World models lately I am glad to have something a bit more solid in my hands to work with and don’t mind parting with the coins. For those with a tighter budget it’s worth exploring your options taking in to account the materials you are working with.

Chris Elwell

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