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Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival

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Now for the leap of faith!

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Loving the way the ghosts stand out.Loving the way the ghosts stand out.

So I’m getting some models pretty close to done. The last thing to do is to put a bit of flock of some sort on the base.

All along I’ve said I’d go “full gothic” on them and put red flowers on the base, which also fits with the details on some of the models.

But now I’m not so sure…

Luckily Games Workshop gave me five of these guys, when I only need four, so I have a spare to experiment with:

Why 5 GW?Why 5 GW?

Once I’ve had a chance to varnish the models, I’ll be back to show how the experiment goes. My fall back will be to leave the bases as they are – the bare earth look is also quite nice, if a bit plain.

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Cult of Games Member

It’s quite possible this comes several weeks too late, but my vote would be very much for not adding grass and flowers. I think the grungy look is simple, beautiful and effective. And a bit like someone adding a single bright colour to a black and white or sepia photo I think green and flowers would look odd and detract from the gloomy feel you’ve got now.

Anyway, will look forward to seeing what you decide!

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