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Levarius' Mythic Battles Pantheon

Levarius' Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Tutoring 7
Skill 14
Idea 7

Next up are the Spartans. The skin was done using the Guilliman Flesh contrast and I loved it some much it’s now my go to skin paint. The spartans have had some extra highlights added to improve the quality of the skin, but that contrast paint is great without.

The cloaks were done using a Vallejo Red Air paint, using a brush, and is becoming another go to technique for this painting project. The models are all being primed zenithal and then using super thinned paints (or regular air paints) to apply over the top. It creates some great detail and doesn’t waste the zenithal approach.

I’ve also found my now preferred method of gold armour, which a metallic base coat covered with Nazdreg Yellow contrast. The gold armour seen of these models is entirely this process, no other steps added.

One more thing i’m really enjoying is the fact these are all one off units and/or models. There’s no need for the write down/remember and replicate an army wide colour scheme. Once they’re done, they’re done!

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Those look great. Well done!

Cult of Games Member

That gold effect is brilliant. I will have to use it in my next project.

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