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Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios

321 days ago 82

It’s Happy Sunday time! Welcome
Backstage as we discuss some
of the ways in which we can
craft our own gaming scenarios
and some of the news
from the week…

Airfix Battles Availible In May – Modiphius Takes Pre-Orders

324 days ago 16

Modiphius is now taking pre-orders for there new project with Airfix. It will be released in May this year.

Modiphius Launching Airfix Battles For Fighting In World War II

387 days ago 31

Modiphius have announced that they are launching a new Introductory Set which enables you to play with all of your Airfix soldiers in proper games on the dining room table or on the floor. Airfix Battles is looking like a lot of fun and brings make memories of childhood…

Airfix 1:48 Scale releases for 2012

1803 days ago 10

If you’re looking for some cool 1:48 scale vehicles for your modern warfare game, then check out some of these offerings coming from Airfix… new for 2012!