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Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Expanding Your Forces

462 days ago 7

Find out how you can expand your forces for Kings of War as we talk adding in new units and heroes for bigger battles.

Conquering Kings Of War - Dwarfs & Basileans Vs Undead & Orcs Battle Report!

Conquering Kings Of War – Dwarfs & Basileans Vs Undead & Orcs Battle Report!

462 days ago 19

Conquering Kings of War: Playing The Orc Faction

523 days ago 6

Hey guys, today we’re taking a look at the Orcs in Kings of War by Mantic Games.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS: Beating The Orcs To The Punch

523 days ago 3

As you may have seen, the Orc Faction have been drilling through our armies in the Frontstage Show, however I’ve brought out my prized Dwarf unit, the Brock Riders!

Conquering Kings Of War – Legions Tactics

565 days ago 5

We’re back with Rich from Mantic talking about how to play with your Legions in Kings of War. These units are a massive hammer blow to the opponent but they can be trapped and draw a lot of fire from the enemy.

Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Dealing With A Legion

565 days ago 0

So we’ve looked at how to play using Legions in Mantic Games’ Kings of War but how do you deal with them when you face them across the field of battle?

Conquering Kings of War – Flying Troop Tactics

593 days ago 2

We take to the skies of Mantica as we look at how you can use flying troops to your advantage in your games of King of War. Utilise your wings to leap over troops to tackle them from all angles.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Downing Airborne Opponents

593 days ago 3

If you’re having difficulties tackling flying troops in your games of Kings of War help is at hand as we show you how you may be able to stop them, including Justin’s tried and true tactic… “Berserkers in the butt”.

Conquering Kings of War – Taking Aim With Shooting

642 days ago 0

Even in the fantasy world of Kings of War your troops can lock, load and shoot their way to victory. Rich from Mantic Games shows Justin how he can incorporate these units into his army.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Wheeling In The Warmachines

642 days ago 4

It’s time to wheel out the heavy duty firepower as in this XLBS edition of Conquering Kings of War we take a look at the mighty Warmachines and the effect they can have in battle.

Conquering Kings of War – Charging Your Cavalry Into Battle

684 days ago 4

It’s time to take to our saddles as we charge our cavalry onto the battlefields of Kings of War. Justin and Rich from Mantic Games take a look at how to utilise these chargers in battle. Badgers may make an appearance…

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Fight Alongside The Heroes Of Mantica

684 days ago 1

We get off our horses as Justin and Rich take a look how your army in Kings of War benefits from utilising Heroes to great effect ensuring the tide turns in your favour.

Conquering Kings of War – Magic Spell Showcase

726 days ago 8

It wouldn’t be fantasy without some magic and Kings of War doesn’t disappoint. In this video Justin and Rich from Mantic Games show off some of the magic spells that can be cast in the game including Bane Chant and Lighting Bolt!

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – More Magic For Battle

726 days ago 8

In the XLBS edition of the show we have more magic to help your faction protect, attack and defend in Kings of War. We’ve got spells for all tastes such as Fireball and Windblast.

Conquering Kings of War – Demo Game: Dwarfs Vs Undead

760 days ago 46

It’s time for action on the Kings of War battlefield as Justin pits the might of the Dwarf army against the Undead hordes controlled by Rich from Mantic Games. Who will win this epic contest?