Conquering Kings of War – Magic Spell Showcase

August 28, 2015 by Justin

It wouldn't be fantasy without some magic and Kings of War doesn't disappoint. In this video Justin and Rich from Mantic Games show off some of the magic spells that can be cast in the game including Bane Chant and Lighting Bolt!

Please note this show was filmed while Kings of War was still in beta.

If you want to get in on the action the rules and army lists are free to access so you can have your own epic battles with minimum fuss:

Conquering Kings of War - Magic Spell Showcase

Watch The XLBS Show

This video only covers some of the spells found in Kings of War but if you're a Backstager then you're in luck because we have more magic in the XLBS Edition of the show including the useful Windblast.

What spells do you use in the game?

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