Dystopian Wars Rulebook Sneak Peek & The Black Wolf

February 28, 2012 by brennon

With the new Rulebook for Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games chugging along, they have taken a look inside the book to show it off…

Sample Page #1

Sample Page #2

Sample Page #3

The rulebook is certainly looking a lot clearer and easier to read than the previous one. This is a massive step up as it will make some of the more complicated rules simpler to learn. But the real gem of the release is the chance to get your hands on The Black Wolf

Vladimir Nikonov

The Black Wolf Scale Comparison

It’s fantastic to not only see a painted up version of the limited submersible but more artwork from the company. A game, I always feel, is bought to life with artwork which allows you as a war gamer to truly realise the game on the table and aid you in your painting and modelling.

With a quick look inside the book, and more on The Black Wolf, will you be buying the new rules?