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Warhammer Fest 2014 Round-Up! What Did You Think Of It?

1045 days ago 25

We were at Warhammer Fest this weekend and if you’ve followed us on Facebook you’ll have seen some of the images already. But what did we think of the event? Jump in and find out. Plenty of awesome Golden Daemon entries to check out too!

Games Day 2013 Picture Gallery!

1423 days ago 32

Check out some of the images from Games Day 2013. With both this AND Facebook we have a mass of snaps from the event so see what you think!

The UK Games Day Slayer Sword Goes Up on Ebay!

1778 days ago 20

Karol Rudyk, winner of the Golden Demon 2012 Slayer Sword is selling his prize on Ebay to the highest bidder!

Forge World and Warhammer Forge at Gamesday UK 2010

1798 days ago 25

We couldn’t go to Gamesday UK and not visit the Forge World stand but wait this year there was also a Warhammer Forge stand!

Fans at Gamesday UK 2010

1799 days ago 28

Kicking off Gamesday UK 2010 coverage we have some fans that we met while having a blast. We will be putting out more Gamesday UK Coverage throughout the week so stay tuned.

Games Day UK 2011 Round-up

2157 days ago 13

So Games Day is over for another year. Here is a quick run down of what was on offer on the day with my likes and dislikes.

Have a read, view some of the pictures from the day then comment below with your personal thoughts on the massive event.

Games Day 2011… Bioware Mythic & Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

2159 days ago 5

The GW crew side-swipe Roland from Bioware Mythic, who gives us a bit of background to the PvP version of Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes running at Games Day.

Games Day 2011… Phil Kelly chats about Dreadfleet

2159 days ago 18

Phil Kelly is at Games Day today giving people a hands on look at Dreadfleet with loads of demo games.

Games Day 2011… Ogre Kingdoms

2159 days ago 1

Jeremy Vetock, developer of the new Ogre Kingdoms army book, has a chat with the GW team at Games Day 2011.

Games Day 2011… Black Library

2159 days ago 5

The guys from GW interview some of the Black Library authors at Games Day 2011.

Games Day 2011… the Grand Opening

2159 days ago 27

Check out the grand opening of Games Day 2011…

Is this the Future of the Necron Codex?

2159 days ago 26

Check out this Necron game that Ben discovered at Games Day… could it be a glimpse of the future Necron Codex?


Games Day Has Landed with a Life Size Drop Pod!

2159 days ago 10

So Games Day 2011 is in full swing and our man-on-the-inside, Ben has been tweeting and posting pics at the top of the homepage on our Beasts of War Live! system.


Games Day UK 2011 Coverage

2160 days ago 15

We will be getting down into the Games Workshop masses and live tweeting from the event this Sunday!

If you can’t be there make sure to check out our twitter feed at Beasts of War Live this weekend. If you are attending, don’t forget to say hi!