Infamy Feel the Attraction of Finished Tesla

December 15, 2014 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have just posted another update on their Kickstarter, showing the progress on even more superb sculpts.

First up, the new Electromagnet variant of Tesla has been finished.

Electromagnet Tesla

Electromagnet Tesla Back

This version of Tesla is, if anything, even cooler than the initial Tesla sculpt. It is very impressive the way the model design manages to make the giant cogs look practically weightless, although I’m sure their heavy enough to cause some damage.

After Tesla, we get our first look at the first WiPs for Badger, the Toad’s right hand man.

Badger WiP

Badger WiP Back

Don’t worry, the final sculpt will have a little more in the way of clothing. Badger is a pugilist, able to take on almost anyone with his steam-harness enhanced fists.


Finally, we come to the latest update on the Big Boss and his Brute, who have finally appeared together for the first time.

Big Boss

Big Boss Brute

Big Boss Brute Back

Big Boss Photoshop

This sculpt is coming along in leaps and bounds and, given that we recently got to see some Infamy models ourselves, I hope we will soon be able to check out the final miniature and maybe even get a look at it with a paint job.

Did you support Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke? Which of the Kickstarter’s promised minis are you looking forward to seeing the most?