New Combined Army Coming To The World Of Infinity!

August 19, 2014 by brennon

The folks over at Data Sphere have got their hands on an awesome look at a new Combined Army Starter Set for Infinity that features and interesting looking race called the Legates…

Legates Starter



Umbra Legates


I think you’ll agree that these are some very cool looking miniatures (but what would you expect from Corvus Belli?) and they have a bit of the Mass Effect about them. The set comes with an awesome drop trooper, a deadly (and very serious) looking leader in the Umbra and of course some very neat batroides.

Fraacta (Render)

Umbra (Render)

Unidrones (Render)

Above are some of the renders from the Data Sphere post and we’ve now added them here! They show off the miniatures for the Fraacta, Umbra and those Unidroids we were talking about earlier in the post! All of the miniatures look great as always and appear superbly posed too as if they are properly in the midst of combat. Admittedly Umbra is summoning power from somewhere but he’s doing a good job of being the ‘evil villain’.

So are you now definitely getting these?

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