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The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!

The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!


Hey guys and welcome to another Weekender! This
time around we have actually got a hold of the new
Lizardmen models and we are having a look at them!
As well as that you might have noticed we have
some different jungle fighting coming in the shape
of ‘Nam Week.

Tabletop World Guard Tower

Do you need something for keeping a lookout?


Andy finally takes a look this huge resin terrain feature,
from Tabletop Gaming World.

Join him as he builds the tower up and gives us a
bit of information about the model and some tips
on how to tackle such a big project.

Hit and Run Special Rule


Darrel talks about tau in combat…. Wait hang on? Yea looks like it there a tau in combat, how did that happen? well anyway there a bit of war gear that helps him run away that’s called vectored retro-thrusters, they give you the hit and run special rule.

Nid Week – Build: Converting a Carnifex


John breaks out the craft knives and take’s on the Hive Mind, making a Carnifex to make the Hive Fleet proud!

Airfix 1:48 Scale releases for 2012


If you’re looking for some cool 1:48 scale vehicles for your modern warfare game, then check out some of these offerings coming from Airfix… new for 2012!

Possessed Chaos Marines | What’s In The Box


John has a look at the chaos possessed Marines, moving through this very nice and very convertible set (I used the left over bits to make a very cool chaos sorcerer with wings)

Dark Eldar Fast Attack | First Look


Darrell and Andy look at the fast attack for the Dark Eldar and see what beastly things they can find.

What’s In The Box: Leopold Railway Gun 1/35th Scale | Trumpeter


Unboxing: John and Warren have a look into something a touch more complicated. Trumpeters 1/35th scale Leopold Railway Gun.

The Insider: Army Painter, Highland Tuft


John takes a sneak peek into something being cooked up by The Army Painter

BOW Review: Battlebuild Big Bertha Gun


John has a gander over some artillery from Battlebuild

Build: Armoured Watchtower


John gets guard duty, So he builds the Armoured Watchtower from Quantum Gothic