Cheese Hunters: Allies of Convenience Super Cheese

January 31, 2013 in Cheese Hunters, Featured, SCI FI Wargaming, SciFi, Warhammer 40K by darrell

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This is it, the big one, that one bit of cheese that may change your games of Warhammer 40K for the rest of time….

Darrell and Andy have found what could be the most game breaking rule slip up since we started looking. I could tell you what it is here, but then you wouldn’t get to hear it from the horse’s mouth…

Cheese Hunters: Allies of Convenience Super Cheese

Darrell’s thoughts:

“Allies… we all thought  having allies was the best thing you could get in this 6th edition book. We all use them to take objectives and to come to the rescue when the fight is going badly. Now try watching this and see if they really help you, or will they be the death you. Allies are your worst enemy.”