Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!

July 7, 2018 by brennon

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Come and join us for an awesome episode of The Weekender as we delve into all sorts of epic things that have been going on in the world of tabletop gaming.

Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!

This week we're talking ELITE: Dangerous Battle Cards, a big book of adventure mats and getting an update on the Kurage Crisis from Carlos for the world of Infinity.


Remember that we still have prizes available from the UK Games Expo. You can comment on the posts from FridaySaturday and Sunday to be in with a chance to walk away with some excellent goodies.

You also have some time to check out the Battlefront UK Open Day Live Blog from last week where there is a chance to win some of the awesome Battlefield In A Box Desert Terrain.

Warren Meets Mat(s)!

Warren sits down with the Big Book Of Battle Mats from Gaming Books. This is the perfect transportable dungeon delving resources for those who like their role-playing games.


We get stuck into some big news from this week...

  • Wrath & Glory - A new role-playing game set within the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000 is on the way
  • Kill Team - The skirmish game for Warhammer 40,000 world is coming later this year!
  • Ready For Battle - Some new terrain options are now available from the team at Bandua Wargames
  • Horrifying Journeys - Take on some new Mansions Of Madness scenarios with Fantasy Flight Games
  • Shieldmaidens - A host of new Shieldmaidens are now available to snap up from Footsore Miniatures

...what caught your eye this week?

ELITE: Dangerous Battle Cards

The ELITE: Dangerous Battle Cards game is now on Kickstarter looking for funding and Sam sits down with the team behind it to talk about what it's all about, how the game plays and more.


We close in on three awesome Kickstarters we think are worth your time...

...which one would you punt for given the chance?

Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign Update

Justin talks with Carlos about where things are right now with the Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign and what your factions can do to get stuck in and change the narrative.

Competition Winner!

We also have the winner from last week's Legends Of Signum competition to announce. If you heard your name make sure to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE and we will get the model for Ari, Avatar Of The Goddess over to you.

With that, the only thing left to say is that we hope you enjoy the weekend and...

...have a great week of gaming!

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