Could Our Gaming Soon Become A Virtual Hybrid?

July 5, 2011 by dracs

Monobanda, a design group who focus on designing interactive artistic/game hybrids, may jut have provided us with a glimpse of the future of wargaming with their sand box proof of concept shown in this video.

This technology allows you to mould any terrain you wish and then allow you to virtually interact with it, also projecting an image of what you are virtually doing over the physical terrain (stop me if I'm getting too technical).

Now look at this from a wargaming perspective. In the future when you wish to game you might find yourself scanning your gaming table and then send CGI versions of your armies marching over the physical surface.

Of course some of you might not yet be quite willing to give up your models for virtual representations, however this merging of the physical and the virtual could be the perfect direction for PC strategy games to go. Think Dawn of War only 100 times more awesome!

What do you guys think of this? Think it looks promising? Think there is any chance we might start seeing this in the future?

BoW Sam

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