Brother Vinni Begin An Arabian Dance With New Releases

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Brother Vinni are back to making miniatures of scantily clad women once more with their Arabian Dancers that could be used within a vignette or diorama or on the tabletop featuring whatever scene you might consider them viable for...

Arabian Dancers (Front)

Arabian Dancers (Rear)

Well they are dancers so I wasn't expecting them to be clad in full armour or anything and indeed two of them are more or less fully clothed. If you're looking for some harem girls then these would probably be a first port of call.

What they did remind me of was some fair maidens that you might want to include in any games that include Conan the Barbarian. I could easily see him fighting his way into the palace of some mad tyrant only to be confronted by these beauties. Then, as he closes with them they turn into terrible demonic beasties!

What do you think?

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