Saddle Up For The New By Fire & Sword Releases For June!

June 17, 2014 by brennon

By Fire & Sword has some new releases for the month of June to help add to your growing armies on the tabletop. See what you think of foot troops, artillery, cavalry and more from them...

Cossacks Medium Artillery

Ottoman Medium Artillery

We'll kick things off with a bang and take a look at two of the new Artillery Sets for both the Cossacks and the Ottomans. Both look very nicely detailed even at this smaller scale and I love the addition of the defensive set-up around the Ottoman cannon giving it a much more defensible position on the battlefield and stopping the crew from getting shot!

Muscovite Lancer Rota


Making up the numbers on horse and foot we have the Muscovite Lancers and some Moloitsy too. I'm a big fan of those Lancers and I like the design of their armour and clothing they're wearing. It's very cool indeed. Moloisty were the very rank of file of the army and would certainly have a massive presence on the battlefield.

Wagon Train

Tartar Casualty Markers

Rounding things off we have this rather cool looking Wagon Train for your army to protect but it also comes with a gun on one of them so they might even be able to handle themselves! Of course no war is without casualties and they have also provided a set of Tartar Casualty Markers for when the worst happens and your men are dead.

Some neat little additions to the range and a game we'll be keeping an eye on in the future!

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