Defiance Games Size Up Their UAMC Hardsuits

November 28, 2013 by brennon

Defiance Games were very successful with their UAMC Hardsuit Kickstarter and they have been showing off some scale images to see if it fits with backers approval.

UAMC Hardsuit Scale Comparison

As you can see above compared to a normal 28mm model it does look realistically huge. You could imagine a marine standing inside that and it working out alright scale wise. If everyone approves then they will begin actually making these!

Concept Art #1

Concept Art #2

These things are so incredibly cool and I am fairly sure if I could find a way to have an entire army of them I would. I like their semi-futuristic look and the prospect for epic poses and such is brilliant.

Do you think that you'll be picking up a few of these when they finally get released by Defiance?

Drop some comments below!

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