Shieldwolf Bring an Army of Orcs Up From the Valleys

November 21, 2014 by dracs

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Shieldwolf Miniatures will soon be heading to Kickstarter in order to gain the funds for five fantasy armies in their Pillars of Destiny Project, the first of which has just been previewed.

Pillars of Destiny

The first of the armies Shieldwolf plan to bring us are the Valley Orcs.

Valley Orcs

If these Valley Orcs are anything like their mountain cousins that Shieldwolf Miniatures have already brought us then they should be an impressive sight to behold upon the tabletop. Shieldwolf's rake on greenskins is definitely familiar to anyone who has played fantasy games, but they lack their usual cartoony quality, looking downright dangerous instead. It will be interesting to see what other forces they have planned.

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