OnTableTop Stargrave Week Starts Monday May 24th

May 21, 2021 by brennon

Come and join us next week on Monday, 24th May as we get stuck into Stargrave Week thanks to the folks at Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures. We'll have loads of videos AND prizes to be won!


Stargrave Week - Starts Monday, May 24th!

Check Out Stargrave @ Osprey Games


Check Out Stargrave @ North Star Military Figures

Throughout the week we're going to be delving into a bunch of content for this new Sci-Fi skirmish wargame. We'll have Interviews, Let's Plays, Painting Tutorials and Unboxings which will take us deeper into the world of Stargrave.

Stargrave Week Schedule

Here is what you have to look forward to throughout the week...

  • Monday 5pm BST - An Introduction To Stargrave With Joseph McCullough
  • Tuesday 5pm BST - Let's Play Stargrave #1
  • Wednesday 5pm BST - Stargrave Sci-Fi Table Build VLOG
  • Thursday 5pm BST - Stargrave Miniature Painting Tutorial
  • Friday 5pm BST - Unboxing New Stargrave Plastic Sets
  • Saturday 5pm BST - Let's Play Stargrave #2
  • Sunday 5pm BST - What's Next For Stargrave With Joseph McCullough

Make sure to get involved and comment on each of the videos here OnTableTop and over on YouTube because you'll get a chance to WIN some great Stargrave bundles. You'll also have another chance as a Cult Of Games member.

Stargrave Prizes To Be Won

Make sure to get involved as you could win one of the three plastic miniature sets; Crew, Mercenaries and Troops + a Stargrave Rulebook!


This gives you a great way to get stuck into the game. Just one of these plastic sets and the book is enough for you and a friend to dive into the game and have lots of fun. They are even better once you start customising them with more of the North Star Military Figures collection too!

Tune in and tell us what you're most excited about as part of Stargrave Week!

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