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What will be your last orders before Brexit?

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    I know it’s a loaded topic, but I’m puzzling about what my potentially last orders from British companies before Brexit will be. Afterwards stuff will be more expensive, and not from the 10% WTO tariffs alone.

    At the moment I’m leaning towards some big pieces from ttcombat that I can’t find in German shops.

    What will you guys order? Any Brits with ideas/suggestions about smaller manufacturers that do unique stuff worth looking into?



    I could list you loads of stuff mate. Not sure which would be applicable to you.

    What are your interests, 40k, world war 2, Kings of war?

    Let me know what you play and I’ll fire some links up.



    Unfortunatly TT Comabt is uk based in Cornwell. So any extra shipping tax etc. will be applied.
    I would look toward Poland or other EU countries I fuk actually leaves the eu.



    I’d be more interested in what way Sterling is going to go against the Euro and dollar, when the uncertainty clears over what is going to happen as I don’t think the market has fully priced it in yet.  If what happens, what I expect to happen, there might be even bigger savings on the cards for Europeans and it is those paying in Sterling who should be trying to make purchases now from the EU and US.  Of course I could be very wrong, as most economists usually are!



    Uk companies I would like to recommend include (sorry it has become longer than I meant):

    The scene Uk for terrain and great models

    Twilight for a beautiful range of non-human models that are well thought out and fit both as primal aliens and entire fantasy civilisations, and have their own skirmish game that you can play in. Influences of the Dark Crystal

    Krakon Games for great and unusual fantasy and sci-fi models, including a large range of creatures useful for any scale

    Macrocosm for a great range of fantasy (especially dwarf), weird war and sci-fi models, including Bonefields, a skirmish game involves undead dwarves vs undead goblins

    Alternative Armies for their amazing ranges of terrain and models, for most eras  and sizes you can imagine, including post- apocalyptic, mythical, and fantasy-napoleonic. They have a number of  boutique companies under their wings and all are worth a look (and are still a small company themselves).

    Ramshackle games for lots of big and small vehicles, build-your-own robots and bikes, scary plant life and post-apocalyptic model ranges.

    Oathsworn miniatures for their anthropomorphic animal models (used in burrows and badgers), and beautiful to use in any setting

    Bad Squiddo Games for believable female models, great ww2 civilian vehicle kits (including a tractor), and amazing scatter terrain

    Scotia Grendel for any amazing range of terrain, vehicles and models for may different eras. Has to be viewed to be seen.

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    My last orders? A pint of Cider 😛


    Cult of Games Member

    @avernos Sci-Fi and Post-Apo, mostly. Doesn’t matter that much, I thought we’d compile a list of manufacturers so everybody who wants to can buy stuff they like duty free as long as they can.

    @mousaka Thanks, buddy! Really nice stuff.

    @robert I don’t think it will get so low as to offset a 29% (19% tax + 10% tariffs) hike. Add the way to the customs office if you’re not living next to it.



    @shredhead – It will depend whether the company you are buying from in the UK is VAT registered or not.  A company which is liable for VAT, will be able to zero rate it for customers outside the UK i.e. 20% will not be added, so there will only be the increase in any tariff.  While the threshold in the UK for VAT is £85,000 (or £7,000 a month) there are quite a few VAT registered mini companies.


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    I think the instability of the Euro is a far bigger issue than Brexit itself.
    Politicians will find ways to screw us over regardless of the results, because they did the same when the Euro-conversion happened.

    As such I see no reason to order ‘more stuff’ from British companies, because our flockin’ politicians are unwilling to make a deal as they rather make the UK pay for thinking about jumping the sinking ship.



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    I think it might also be a VERY good time for UK customers to buy any mats they’ve had their eye on (as I expect these are going to be a fair bit more expensive for the foreseeable future), as nearly all the mat manufacturers are in the EU. Problem here is it’s going to bite both ways 🙁



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    Regarding companies, for me it has to be Hasslefree Minis, as I’m Kev White’s fanboy since 1997.

    Regarding post-brexit situation, it is all very shaky right now and I don’t want to play fortune-teller here, but as it is usual with businesses, they will also search for solutions. I’d expect more of British firms incorporating EU branches or signing up with EU based shops and resellers, to at least save customers from visiting customs office.


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    Survival kits and insulin- either for the black market when the excrement hits, or future-proofing given my appalling diet 🧁🍫🍭🍕



    For lovely 28mm resin buildings post apoc and historical

    Fantasy 28mm including some lovely pop culture inspired figures

    All my Saga gaming needs footsore miniatures

    Tiny men, lovely figures

    a good stop off for a variety of things from Northstar’s own frostgrave to crusader minis and copplestones castings

    Lovely medieval minis sweet sweet sculpts and well worth a view

    Pulp, Fantasy, and historics



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    To be honest: there will be no last order from me. A) most of my hobby comes from my FLGS and b) that what I don’t get there usually comes via Kickstarter, eBay or Amazon. I really can’t remember when I last ordered something from the UK.

    Am I a bad hobbyist? Or are my games just distributed better?



    I’ll be stocking up on canned goods, medicine and armour plating for my car!

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