Battle The Ghosts Of Harrenhal In The Next Game Of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack

August 16, 2016 by brennon

A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game gets itself another interesting looking Chapter Pack from Fantasy Flight Games soon. What creepy shadows lie ahead of you as you face the Ghosts Of Harrenhal?

Ghosts of Harrenhal Card Pack

As you'll know if you're a fan of A Song Of Ice & Fire Harrenhal is a dangerous place filled with the dead from all sides of the war. With that in mind it certainly plays like that in the card game too.


It's certainly a dangerous card with a brutal effect to it. Being Non-Loyal too this could find its way into different decks and be quite the surprise for your opponent. It will be kneeling your faction card however so it eats into Fealty and other effects.

Additionally we got some other cool cards like the Dragonglass Dagger you an see below.

Ghosts of Harrenhal (Card Fan)

Additional strength for the Night's Watch is always welcome and being immune to card effects should help you in your defence of the Wall. You'll also notice a plotting face there in the background as Roose Bolton makes an appearance.

Roose Bolton

He is a dangerous character to have at your disposal but you'll have to boost him a little in order to get the most out of his ability. I you could work out a way to get him into an unopposed challenge with some additional strength he could kill off some useless chumps or a key character that is standing in your way.

Will you be picking up this next pack?

"You'll also notice a plotting face there in the background as Roose Bolton makes an appearance..."

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