Durgama Takeover: Phase 2 Starts Today 5pm BST – Infinity Online Campaign

July 18, 2022 by brennon

UPDATE: Phase 2 Starts Today Today 5pm BST (UK Time)

The Durgama Takeover is going to be moving into Phase 2 today at 5pm BST (UK time). If you have any battles left to report form Phase 1 please do so before then as afterwards the Phase 1 theatres will be locked and you will be unable to do so.

Find out how the campaign is going in the latest update with Carlos from Corvus Belli.

Original Post: What's Is The Durgama Takeover

Corvus Belli and OnTableTop have launched a brand new Infinity Online Campaign - Click Here To SIGN UP for FREE! The Durgama Takeover is a brand new way to become part of the story within the Infinity universe.

You will be able to dive in and take part as any of the Infinity factions as you fight over the Durgama Peninsula and Raveneye Station. The Combined Army are invading and it's up to you to find out what side of the conflict you come down on.

What's The Story?

Following on from the events of the Raveneye book (check out our themed week), the Combined Army has begun its invasion of the Durgama Peninsula on the planet, Concilium Prima. This is where a secret facility, the "Penny Arcade" is meant to be hidden and inside that, the Tzechi Digester! It will be interesting seeing what part this will play in the unfolding narrative going forward.

As well as fighting on the ground on the Durgama Peninsula, you will also be able to take part in battles about the orbital station known as Raveneye. This has offered air and orbital superiority to the human factions...until now. The Combined Army are going to be making just as much of a push on the station in order to take it and control the skies.

The events unfolding here also put extra pressure on the Human Sphere. Previous engagements with the Combined Army were on Paradiso and now they are pushing further and further into the heart of human space. Things are becoming a lot more real for those factions fighting to combat the Combined.

Every faction is going to have a part to play in this campaign. There are R&D facilities dotted around the map that would be handy to have under your control. The ALEPH are investigating alien technology and Haqqislam is not happy! The Nomads are also there in force, looking to antagonise the ALEPH in the process of their plans.

Infinity: Durgama Takeover Campaign - Sign Up For Free Today

Even the forces of PanOceania are looking to keep their hands on a very important relic that cannot fall into enemy hands. Ariadna's Kosmoflot detachment has also found its way to Raveneye Station! The seething hatred between the Yu Jing and the JSA is also threatening to bubble over too.

All in all, there will be something for everyone to get stuck into with the Durgama Takeover!

Taking Part - Sign Up Now & Get Involved

Much like previous Corvus Belli and OnTableTop campaigns, the Durgama Takeover is going to be hosted via the Warconsole. You can now sign up and join the campaign alongside your faction of choice.

Hit The Sign-Up Page & Join In

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Confused? Check Out The How-To Guide

Each week, the story will evolve and develop as you fight for control of different parts of the Durgama Peninsula and Raveneye Station. In addition to that, there will be places to engage with fellow wargamers/commanders and plan out your strategies. It's a perfect opportunity to get stuck in and play out a bunch of games with your favourite Infinity miniatures.

Make sure to look out for more information about how to get involved as we move toward the start of the campaign. You won't want to miss this one! So, get your Infinity miniatures painted up! Maybe consider making yourself a Project here on OnTableTop to show off what you've been up to?

Are you going to be taking part in the Durgama Takeover?

"...get your Infinity miniatures painted up!"

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