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Essen SPIEL '18 Live Blog - Sunday

Essen SPIEL '18 Live Blog - Sunday

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Welcome To The Final Day Of Essen SPIEL '18 Coverage!


Welcome to another day of madness here at Essen SPIEL ’18! As always throughout the next few hours we have plenty of goodies to give away and companies to talk to PLUS we have another three days for you to run through as well!

Check Out Day One & Win Prizes

Decrypto – Aliens: Hadley’s Hope – Witless Wizards – Gizmos – Dragon’s Breath – Escape Tales: The Awakening – WWX Forlorn Hope Posse – 8BitBox – The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan – Magnificent Flying Machines – PlastCraft Crashed Plane Terrain

Check Out Day Two & Win Prizes

Vault Of Dragons + 2x D&D Paint Sets (Heroes & Monsters) – Aristeia Walls Terrain Set – Lincoln – Don’t Get Got – Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr – Dicium – Mountains – Fog Of Love (Choice Of Cover) – Swordcrafters – Silk – V-Commandos – 3x Tainted Grail Artbooks + Exclusive Coin – Pyramid Of Pengqueen

Check Out Day Three & Win Prizes

Talisman: Legendary Tales – Venus Next (Terraforming Mars Expansion) – Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles – Tsukuyumi – War Chest & Scorpius Freighters – FAITH RPG Core Book – Dungeon Terrain Set – Magnate Resin Buildings – Lightseekers Playmat, Deck Box & Folio (Of Your Choice)

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Today all the busy con goers will be home or travelling, the floor will be empty and something new starting to set up

how fast gaming glory fades away, only to remain in our homes and hearts


This is gonna be packed with goodies!

Justine Casciani
Justine Casciani

How long will the prize contests be open?

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