Puppets War’s Latest Terrain Leaves Your Table in Craters

October 15, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War have followed up on their preview of their upcoming trenchworks with two new sets of craters with which to leave your battlefields in smoking ruins.

Puppets War have created two variants of craters, one set for those created by heavy artillery, and the other made by light artillery.

Heavy Artillery Craters

Heavy Artillery Craters Scale

As you might expect, the above heavy artillery craters are large enough to provide cover for a couple of miniatures, as well as making it difficult for all but the toughest of vehicles to drive.

Light Artillery Craters

Light Artillery Craters Scale

As you would expect, these light artillery craters are much smaller, providing only enough cover for a couple of miniatures, but while they pose less of a problem for tanks, a couple of these scattered around will rather hamper their movement.

By providing these two different sized sets, Puppets War will succeed in making a far more organic feeling battlefield, one that has been shaped by all kinds of weaponry. Craters themselves are a great way to break up open areas of ground, without resorting to out of place bits of wall, and should be a good addition to both scifi and possibly even WWI and WWII games.

Are Puppets War going to blow up your tabletop?

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