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Up Up and Away (spring clean challenge)

Up Up and Away (spring clean challenge)

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The dream of flight

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This project begins with an old dream to create an airship for my Goblin army way back in the early 1990’s when GW ‘s ideas about Goblins was querky technology through and through.

The likes of goblin doom divers appeared in lists but i had the idea of those nutty professor types wanting to rain pain down from above in a more controlled way….

The ideas...

Now we all know that several flying constructs have made there way onto the market over the years… more recently the Mantic offering of the Wingit for both KOW and Vanguard … but I would like to think that the tech my Goblins are using is maybe not quite so far down the time line , and having watched the recent film Aeronauts on demand TV have reawakened the idea of an airship.


First problem is what to use for the balloon…what is round a light enough to be held in place above my precious minis… first thoughts were craft polystyrene balls …..but these turned out to be off the table as suitable sizes unavailable …….next idea mmmmm . Xmas tree decorations same sort of shape, and have the added bonus of a small neck similar to those balloons from history.

Xmas decoration(balloon)Xmas decoration(balloon)

Next what to use for a balloon basket, no over the years I have collected lots of different bits from models and minis and my bits boxs hold some interesting things, including some MDF armour pieces from “Wargames Factory’s “Orc fort that I won off this very sight following the Salute coverage a few years ago. And along with other sprue off cuts created a gondela for my crazy Goblins to stand in.

MDF BitsMDF Bits
Rope and ladderRope and ladder

Texturing the balloon

Due to the shinny finish of the xmas bauble I decided to cover it with paper and PVA glue (decoupage style) in order to  both cover it in a more paint friendly surface but also add texture resembling sewn together cloth. After several layers of paper and glue dried I painted and washed the surface to bring out the details. Smaller details like rope were also added with twisted copper wire.

Balloon detailBalloon detail

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