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Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

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Playing Catch-up

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 5
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It’s been quite a while since the last update since I’ve been busy with other projects, but good news; I now have the physical book.

Playing Catch-up

I played through turns 4, 5 and 6 all of which didn’t involve any battles. I chose not to fight as since the last battle my warband was in bad shape and needed to spend time healing.

Today I’ve just completed turn 7, including a battle which will get a run down in a separate post.

Turn 4

While a gambling craze took off in the small hamlet of Hillsend our band was preparing to travel, to make the journey to Tidemouth and bring the residents of that village much needed supplies, and with the promise of a week’s free bed and food, who could say no.

Kremmel did have a small breakthrough. After studying his spell books he figured out how to cast spells with a higher degree of success.

Food had been low and sleeping was even lower as gold was at its lowest. Kremmel was not happy about the situation and felt disgruntled. It certainly was time to leave.

Just as they were about to leave a man stopped them saying he had a job for them. There was an item he needed retrieving from an unexplored location to the north east, but time was of the essence. Kremmel turned him down.

The journey began but so did the weather. The going got slower and eventually it was agreed to set camp. They were only halfway there so it was going to take another week to reach Tidemouth.

The 4 in red is where our party camped.The 4 in red is where our party camped.

Turn 5

The weather had improved and Petra had done some scouting. Reporting back she said the going should be much easier.

Living off the land with two archers, finding food was no problem, and some animal skins were kept to sell on and make some much needed gold.

The party reached Tidemouth and delivered the supplies, the animal skins were sold and food and a warm bed was provided. Things were looking up. Reports of a delve somewhere near Gateswood were heard and recorded on the map.

Playing Catch-up

Turn 6

Resting up and healing nicely the party helped with the harvest in the nearby fields and were even paid for their trouble. Once again food and bed was provided free of charge by the grateful villagers for bringing them the supplies.

More work was spent in the fields earning more gold. 

Later in the week a caravan arrived in the village with news of Shieldstown to the south. There’s a travelling trader with exquisite rare goods to sell but he’ll be moving on in a couple of weeks so don’t miss out.

With most of the party healed it was almost time to get back to their adventure.

Playing Catch-up

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