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Spring Clean Challenge Sassanids Revived

Spring Clean Challenge Sassanids Revived

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About the Project

The Spring Clean Hobby Challenge has been accepted and it will bring to light an army that goes right back to the initial inspiration for me to get back into the hobby. I'll go through the whole process from inspiration to completion of a 28mm Sassanid Army for use with Swordpoint. I didn't get this off the ground at all last spring so I'm going at it again this time round. Having not learned any lessons from the false start I'm going bigger, MUCH bigger.

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Quick update to progress on the elephants and cavalry.

And they're off

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Already doing better than last year we have consulted the Sworpoint army list and have some ideas for a basic structure for the army.  We have 16 cataphracts (8 bases in the rules) and need at least as many light cavalry.  So I’ll need 16 Sassanid horse archers from somewhere.

Horse archer potentialHorse archer potential
Head source, and some infantry later probs.Head source, and some infantry later probs.

These are some Gripping Beast plastics that were in a Saracen First Crusade force that I got from a friend who has had to retire from the hobby.  Although that is very sad I’m determined to give these models a good life in their new home so start by ripping their heads off.  I’m swapping the arab headdresses for Iranian and Median heads from the Wargames Atlantic plastics set.  I’ll finish the conversions be carving off the stirrups – thay weren’t used widely in the region until after the Arab conquest era and will allow my horse archers to represent Parthians and earlier Persian forces too.

I was a bit stuck with the colours but I’m coming round to them and may continue the theme by using bright contrast colours on the infantry too.

Elite unitsElite units

Here you can see the Huns at the front (Wargames Foundry), Daylami (mixture of Footsore and Gripping Beast) and the two elephants.  Wait – two elephants?  Yes, I couldn’t resist a brief foray to Aventine Miniatures for the Shahanshah (King of Kings) on elephant to go with the existing Gripping Beast one with the troop howdah.  I love having a bid setpiece as the army leader base and the Shah on giant stompy elephant is doing it for these guys.

Having taken the OTT team’s recommendation and watched Bahubali it turns out that Indian elephants are a totally different colour to African ones so I’ve already made a mistate with this one and will need to make it much darker with a mottled skin colour across the face, lower ears and particualty toward the end of the trunk.

Start and Inspiration

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Lurking in the back of a drawer for over a decade these Sassanids really need some attention.  With the plastic infantry kits coming from both Victrix and Wargames Atlantic I need to get these long neglected minis onto the table.  My gaming buddies are starting to get into Swordpoint so I thought I would add something different to the mix.

The idea of doing a Sassanid army came from my reintroduction to wargaming as a hobby.  In 1986 I saw a magazine at the local newsagent:


Inside this wonderful tome was a fantastic picture of Peter Gilder’s Sassanids against Late Romans:

Start and Inspiration

Having decided that I’d happily have an army like that one day I subsequently collected almost anything but that, however the image (and the magazine) stayed with me.  When Gripping Beast released their Sassanid range (2007/8??) I saw them at Salute and went home with a big bag full of cataphracts.  They are at the front, 20 in total including leader and standard bearer figures.

Start and Inspiration

Over the years I added the Elephant and crew (also Gripping Beast), the 12 Huns at the back (Wargames Foundry), one random amazon horse archer (Eureka), some banners (LBMS) and a party pack of 32 foot skirmishers (Black Tree Designs).

I know I’ll need more horse archers/LC and a block of infantry with sparabara and bows which get fielded as a combined formation in Swordpoint.  I’m looking to get to a 1000 points in total.

Firstly off to raid my library for some reading material:

Start and Inspiration

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