Behold Kabuki’s Scarab Knight in His Fully Painted Glory

June 12, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki Models' Scarab Knight has recently been released on both their webstore and on their eBay. Now we get to see how this great sculpt looks with a couple of layers of paint.

Painted Scarab Knight

Painted Scarab Knight 2

Painted Scarab Knight 3

Painted Scarab Knight 4

Painted Scarab Knight 5

Kabuki have always done a fantastic job in showing off their models with an excellent paint job. For someone named the Scarab Knight, I had expected more of what you might think of as desert colours, rich browns and golds. The purple looks great and the shading is excellent it's jut not what I expected for this mini.

This paint scheme picks out all of the superb detail of the miniature and makes it far more interesting than just the regular, unpainted sculpt. Definitely a good model for showing off your painting talents.

Are you going to pick up the Scarab Knight? How would you have chosen to paint this mini?

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