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Painting an Ork Meganob: Remastered… part 2


John continues fiddling with his Mega-Nob!

3 Colours Up: Orc Speed Painting Contest


Warren introduces Simon and Tom who've decided to submit themselves to the 3-Colors Up painting competition... vote for your favorite... who speed-paints the best Orc!

Painting a Muzzle Flash for your Sci-Fi Miniatures


Romain paints some cool muzzle flashes in a variety of colours to add to your sci-fi miniatures.

3 Colours Up: Painting a Cygnar Ironclad Warjack… Part 3


It's time to return to Romain and his ongoing Warjack tutorial. Today he finishes off the main parts of the metals.

3 Colours Up: Painting a Cygnar Ironclad Warjack… Part 2


Here's the second part of Romain's series of painting a Cygnar Ironclad.

Remastered: German WW2 Infantry… Part Two


It's time for the second part of the remastered version of John's German Stormtrooper from Warlord Games.

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Power Weapons


Romain shows us his method for Painting power weapons... and as its Romain it's going to be sparkly and fabulous!

40K Ork Stompa Painting Tutorial – Part 2


Part 2 kicks of with applying Citadel Dheneb Stone Foundation Paint to the teeth on the large front face plate and picking out details on the lights using Citadel Boltgun Metal.

Painting a Mage Hunter Commander Part Two


We're back again to join Romain as he continues to paint the Iosian Mage Hunter Commander.

Painting a Mage Hunter Commander Part One


Welcome to another 3-Colours Up. This time we join Romain as he paints an Iosian Mage Hunter Commander. Enjoy!

How to go about painting a WW2 German Infantryman


John takes you through how he plans to paint his Bolt Action German Army when he manages to get one! This is using Warlord Games fantastic new plastic German Infantry set.

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