Necrons on their way July/August

February 24, 2011 by lloyd

Necrons are on their way!

Word is reaching us that the Necron range (or at least parts of) is being run down now (i.e. not available to the independant stockists) which can mean only one thing... expect Necrons in about 6 months!!!

So, we could be looking at a July/August release for your favourite army of unstoppable death machines?

A couple of tidbits that we received:

The Obvious

  • We'll be back is definitely gone (Feel no Pain has took over)
  • We're hearing that Gauss weapons are rending (which makes sense and will please Darrell no end)
  • There will be a ton of Psychic powers listed as 'Tech Upgrades'

The more 'out there' stuff that we have trouble believing

  • There will be a more ornate vehicle (maybe monolith?) with moulded glyphs
  • The feel of the range has been re-skinned to make it less 'Terminator'
  • Spyders have been redone
  • We hear they are getting a reboot on the scale to rival the Dark Eldar!

We're not hearing that its gonna take the same 'feel' as Forgeworld's Tomb Stalker, apparently it was created and released completely independantly of the core design team. This seems a little bit like disinformation - but knowing GW I would not be entirely surprised.

All thats left to do now is to Speculate wildly!

But without further ado... I'll hand over to Darrell with his Necron Whishlist... enjoy!

BoW Warren

What I would like to see in the new Necron book

I'm pretty excited by some of the news. Here's what I think of the army rules.

We'll be back has to go... in its place we should get Feel no Pain. It makes more sense for heartless killing machines to feel on pain or emotion. The current system of moving your dead with you it just daft and a pain in the ass.

Phase Out has to stay stay. To remove it or change it would change the whole feel of the army. However, we need more troop types to balance the demands of Phase Out, it's another reason why I think that a C'Tan that makes "unit X" count as troops would be a bad idea. If we get another troops unit I would like to see the Immortals get the spot, but I expect it will go to the Flayed Ones.

Here are the problems I see with the necron army at the minute are

  • Our troops are to expensive. 180 points for a minimum unit thats 360 points for any army, before you get to even look at anything sexy, that's a big chunk of your budget. The easiest way around this, is to take away the stupid 10-man minimum, a 5-man minimum would be plenty. Every other army gets options of about 5, 10 or even 3-man units... we should get some too!
  • Psychic defence! Never mind psychic attacks... we need either a psyker or something to take enemy psykers out of the game. I am fed up seeing my killing machines vanishing to that Jaws of the World Wolf... and before anyone starts... yes I know I'm also a Space Wolf player, but at heart I'll always be a heartless necron game-winning machine!
  • Warsycthes! This weapon is just to powerful. Whats the point of having a uber-mega-super-dooper weapon, when you can't give this to anybody that's any good. Would anyone let me have Wraiths with warsythe's... no matter what points they were. Let's face it, they need to change or simply become Power Weapons... job done!
  • No more non-Necron units! All my machines should be Necrons... Pariahs should be Necrons! The only exception to this should be C'Tan and Scarabs... and that's only because the rest of the boys here at BoW complained...
  • My final and biggest issue with the army is that gauss weapon are almost useless. Gauss weapons need to penatrate on a roll of a 6  and glance on a 5... as it stands they're just a bit pants... I need better guns!

On the vehicle side of things, I would like to see some sort of long-range shooting vehicle, or perhaps a fighter aircraft... not a transport vehicle... Necrons have some of the best movement in the game, they don't need another transport.

As for C'Tan. I want and expect to see a load of new C'Tan psyker assassins and monstrous creatures. The other HQ options should be based on a single Necron Lord with options that allow you to customise the type of Lord you want... combat based... ranged... support/healing... you know the type of thing I mean.

I can't see how you could come up with named Necron Lords as this would be violation of the very core of what a Necron is... a mass produced robot!

Yes... 60 million years ago all the Necrons had their own personality, but not any more. Who can remember what you were doing last week... never mind 60 million years ago! Are you the same person you were last year... what about ten years ago? Now extrapolate that to 60 million years... the closer you get to infinity... the closer you get to everything being the same. [ED - Jeez thats really deep - You can't be the real Darrell what have you done with him!!!?!!]

As for the elite section, who knows what they will come up with. I would like to see something that can compete with the "death star" Marine units. Perhaps some improvement to the Pariah's and a couple of of new units

Fast Attack... hmmm... I would like to see some Necrons in jump packs... perhaps some Scarabs with wings! Oh... and Destroyers kitted out for combat.

Finally, we need to see something in heavy support that can fight. The old Tomb Spider has its uses, but it needs a kick-ass new model with some new rules to kick ass with... I want it to spit out hundreds of  Scarabs not just one per turn!

Well that's what I want anyway... but what do you want?

BoW Darrell

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