The E-Wing & GR-75 Rebel Transport Come To FFG’s X-Wing

May 2, 2014 by brennon

X-Wing is getting something experimental and something more reliable from Fantasy Flight Games. See what you think of both the E-Wing and the GR-75 Rebel Transport that you'll all know from the films...


E-Wing Components

First up we have the very customisable E-Wing which is by all accounts the the Rebellion’s fastest, toughest, nimblest, and most versatile starfighter. It also looks pretty awesome too and has something of the Battlestar Galactica about it (although I suppose it should be the other way around).

Of course the E-Wing comes with a neat pilot in Corran Horn and you can find out some more of the details about him over on the Fantasy Flight website where they go into incredible depth about his skills.

GR-75 Transport

Available now is the GR-75 Transport which comes with a whole bunch of kit and masses of tokens and even features another X-Wing to act as the escort to it.

The rules for these giant craft have already been made available on their website and hopefully soon you'll be able to re-enact the escape from Hoth on the tabletop.

What do you think?

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