Warploque Re-Sculpt Their Whirling Blademaster!

May 3, 2014 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures are nothing if not perfectionists so they have gone back to the sculpting table with some of their miniatures. One of them is the Wild Elven Blademaster which has been shown on Facebook…

Wild Elven Blademaster

Once again a brilliant sculpt from this chap and well in keeping with their existing range of miniatures. I like the way that everything in their range is a little bit creepy and spiteful with sharp angular faces and a penchant towards the spindly. In this Elf’s case that’s certainly going on across the whole thing and I love his facial details.

I reckon you could even paint this chap up in a bit of a different way and work with woodland bark colours on his skin to make him look like a spirit of the forest.

What do you think?