A Vatican Priest Brings God’s Word to Carnevale

September 2, 2014 by dracs

Rome may have been destroyed, but the church is still a powerful force in the world of Carnevale and it looks like the Vatican will be taking steps to deal with all the supernatural goings on the in city of Venice.

Vatican Priest

The guys at Vesper-On have previewed the new Vatican forces, who will hopefully be appearing as part of their upcoming Kickstarter, by showing off this cool priest figure.

This priest is reportedly the basic foot soldier of the Papal forces, accompanied by higher ranking members of the church who are most likely specialists at taking down supernatural threats. This is definitely an interesting addition to the game, and should provide a much needed check on some of the magic spells that can be fielded.

Are you planning on chipping in to this Kickstarter? What do you think of the church’s new member?