Big News For Twisted From Demented Games In February!

January 7, 2015 by deltagamegirl22


Demented Games has been hard at work behind the scenes on their storybook steampunk game, Twisted. They have slowly but surely been giving us a peek at the beautiful sculpts they have had ready in the wings for their promised Kickstarter- and they are AMAZING sculpts! If you’re like me and have been watching and waiting for the announcement of a Kickstarter date, then this news should make you smile! They have decided not to wait for a Kickstarter to bring the line forward! They have a fantastic bunch of miniatures ready to go now, so they are going to get them out there- and soon!

Twisted launch logo

Beginning in February, they will start bringing out regular releases for Twisted! The first releases will be designed to introduce you to the main characters in this steampunk world in the first two opposing factions. They weren’t happy with the drop in quality when the miniatures were produced in plastic, so they will be bringing the minis out in both resin and metal. Each Twisted character will initially be released as a high-quality, Collector’s Edition, resin model as part of a limited production run. Each Collector’s Edition resin character will come with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity featuring the concept artwork- and let me just say, after seeing the book of artwork at last year’s Adepticon, they are absolutely stunning and a must have! Following this, the Gamer’s Edition miniatures will be released in high-quality white metal. The metal Gamer’s Edition will come with the character card needed to use the model in the Twisted game.


They are feverishly polishing the rules for the game and when complete they will be available via download followed by a beautifully illustrated, hard copy rule book.

Twisted Bill

To make us extra jealous, they will be at a convention in Australia in January with some of these models for sale as well as running demos! I don’t know about you, but I have an overwhelming urge to take a trip to Australia!!!

Will you be venturing into the storybook steampunk world of Twisted?