Don’t Stare Into the Eyes of Imbrian’s Basilisk

January 15, 2014 by dracs

A new horrifying monster has appeared at Imbrian Arts, an amalgamation of dragon, bird and a few things in between. Just be sure not to enter a staring contest with this Basilisk.


This monster is a rather original take on the classic monster of legend. For one, it has limbs.

The sculpt makes for an interesting creature, which will be an excellent final challenge for your heroes to come up against in a final dungeon exploring confrontation.


The Basilisk also comes with an alternative head option to let you make it into a Cockatrice instead, the folkloric forebear of the Basilisk. Neither of which you want to look in the eye.

Will Imbrian’s beastly Basilisk turn up on your table?

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