Battle of Greek Legend with Tribes of Legend!

October 21, 2011 by beerogre

Check out the latest title from our good friend Jake Thornton… Tribes of Legend.

Tribes of Legend is a collection of 3 different games together with painting guides, scenery building, and all the extra gaming goodness you might expect. The setting is the world of the Ancient Greeks, but as they viewed it rather than as you will see in academic texts. This means that armies include drunken centaurs and lithe Amazons as well as the bronze-clad warriors of the city states.

Of the three games, one is a mass battle game, one a skirmish between groups of a few warriors, and the last is a solo game in the ethos of the old Fighting Fantasy game books (though it is entirely different rules).

Wargames Foundry have done a complete new range of models to go with this, and one of the reasons this has taken a while is that it is illustrated with nicely-painted examples of the range throughout. This means that it’s a very pretty book, helped along by rather splendid art like you see on the cover.