Get a Glimpse at the Rules for Judge Dredd’s Mercenaries

October 6, 2013 by dracs

With the release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook fast approaching Mongoose Publishing have been putting out previews of what we can expect to find between its pages.

This latest preview shows us those people whose services can be bought to aid your faction, the Mercenaries.

Judge Dredd Mercenaries

The mercenaries of Dredd’s world are an eclectic lot to say the least, mixing competent menace with sheer barmy awesomeness.

This look at the mercenaries gives us some ideas of how they willplay out on the tabletop and will help players plan just how they might like to use these strange fighters for profit.

Judge Dredd Mercenaries Preview

For me the most exciting thing about the mercenaries is that they allow us to bring in well known characters like Psi-Judge Anderson and Spike Harvey Rotten. Spikes Harvey Rotten! I love that guy!

Fancy heading out into the Cursed Earth with any of this lot?