Puppets War Steampunk the German Infantry

June 20, 2012 by brennon

Puppets War have more on offer for those of you wishing to Steampunk or Sci-Fi the battles of World War I. Check out these German Sturmpioniere Heads below…

German Sturmpioniere Heads (Front)

German Sturmpioniere Heads (Side)

The set comes with ten heads (two sergeants and eight privates) and is looking menacing to say the least. Each of them are wearing the conical helmets of World War I, reminding me a little of Sucker Punch.

Could you possibly mix these with some of the weapons and bodies from Victoria Miniatures to create really awesome looking Steampunk soldiers from the German Empire? Ready to roll over Europe with their weapons of mass destruction.

Of course you could always use them to build a ‘crew’ of Prussian soldiers for your Dystopian Wars crew.

What do you make of these masked soldiers?