A Second Helping of Sci-Fi… this time some 15mm madness!

December 8, 2010 by beerogre

I posted yesterday that I had a hankering for an RPG. With the holidays approaching, there are going to be more of my mates around, no doubt desperate to escape the in-laws for a few hours. So I thought I might knock together a quick Sci-Fi game… maybe some Traveller…

Anyway, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to need some “generic” Sci-Fi miniatures. I always think that games… even RPGs… always look more fun with a few painted minis on the table. So I went on the prowl for some figures that I might be able to use. Hopefully, something that wouldn’t take more than a few hours to paint to a table-top standard.!

That’s when it struck me… this is the perfect opportunity to look into some 15mm miniatures

Which brought me to…

Here I found a selection of really pretty Sci-Fi miniatures that are generic enough that they’ll work well for a an RPG, while being priced at a level where you could easily amass a sizable force for a 15mm wargame, without breaking the bank.

Khurasan Miniatures, has a fair range of races for their 15mm Sci-Fi… the obligatory Humans…

The wasp-like Vespids…

The reptilian Garn…

and even Robots and Shark-Men!

Looking through their site, they also produce a smaller range of 28mm fantasy miniatures, as-well-as 15mm historical, post-apocalyptic and fantasy miniatures, suitable for games like Hordes of Things.

This foray into the 15mm world has really got me thinking that I really fancy working on this sort of project to give me a break from Warmachine & Hordes stuff… while I love those games… I really fancy doing a job that I can get finished quickly and I think this is it.

I’ve also found some really nice 15mm Sci-Fi stuff from another manufacturer… but more on them tomorrow.

For now, why not have a look at some of the offerings from Khurasan and tell us what you think.

BoW Andy

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