Anvil Industry Call In The Heavy Firepower For Afterlife

May 24, 2014 by brennon

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Anvil Industry have continued to work hard on their Afterlife miniatures and coming somewhere in the near future are some additional command and heavy weapon troops for both sides. The render today though is for the Republic Grenadiers...

PCR Grenadiers with Missile Launcher & Field Commander

So as you can see not only are you getting a missile launcher with some heavy duty payload but also command figures for the unit as well. I love the overseeing look to the Field Commander and as I've handled some of these figures in the 'flesh' I can vouch for their quality.

I've been working on my own little system for using them on the tabletop which I might share with you folks soon once I've given it a bit of a playtesting session!

Have you been following Afterlife?

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