Warploque Announce Their Fire Dragon’s Pre-Order Release Date

November 19, 2014 by dracs

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Warploque have announced that their Fire Dragon Ancient, the largest model that they currently produce, will be heading out to pre-order on the 24th November.

Fire Dragon Ancient

I believe that this Fire Dragon Ancient might actually be one of my favourite draconic designs. It's a terrifying creature and you can practically picture it lumbering after its prey, spouting great jets of fire. It looks like your standard dragon, but the lack of wings separate and somehow make it look less graceful and, if anything, a more terrible monster to face.

As has been said, this mini will be heading up for pre-order on the 24th November and will go on general release come the 1st December. I'm looking forward to seeing how people choose to paint it up.

Will Warploque's Ancient Fire Dragon set your tabletop aflame?

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