Plastic Soldier Re-Stock Battlegroup Rulebook & New Supplement

December 13, 2015 by brennon

Plastic Soldier Company have added the re-stocked the Mini Ruleset for Battlegroup to their webstore so you can get your hands on the rules in a slimmed down format. This is a handy soft back version that contains the rules found in Battlegroup Krusk...

Battlegroup Rulebook

There have been a lot of good things said about Battlegroup as a rules set so it seems like a good idea to get stuck into the game with this rather cheap option and see what you think. In addition to that they also have the Battlegroup Overlord supplement for you to check out.

Battlegroup Overlord

In this Overlord supplement yuo get...

"The first stand alone supplement for the Battlegroup game system, covering amphibious and airborne operations on D-Day and the battles inland to the Westwall of Germany. Thirteen detailed army lists including German Panzer, Eratz Panzer, Falschirmjaeger, US and British Armoured, Infantry and Airborne divisions.

Extensively researched background and comprehensive equipment data, including specialist equipment for amphibious assaults and 21st Panzer Division conversions. New scenarios and historical re-fights."

This all sounds rather awesome and I'd love to hear more opinions on this game going forward. Maybe we'll be able to feature it on our shows in some capacity?

What do you think of Battlegroup?

"There have been a lot of good things said about Battlegroup as a rules set..."

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